Used Horse Bits

Second-hand horse bits

The Cow Horse Chain Gag Bit. The Cow Horse Chain Gag Bit. In the following you will find western horse parts for sale on eBay. You' ll find hundreds of western bits in curb, snaffle and gag form. Due to the lack of shafts, the snaffle is gentler when used correctly.


Your teeth are placed in the horse's jaw. This is a small, easy-to-read display that shows which part of the oral cavity is affected by the nozzle. On the side of the horse's jaw is the jaw. Bridles and bridles are fixed to the jaw.

Jaw parts are available in different versions. This is a graphical representation of which part of the horse's forehead is affected by the cheeks. Here you are in the right place for the best choice of bits.

About horse bits

Nobody knows exactly when men found that they could check their horse with some kind of equipment in the beast' s jaws, but old arts, literary, biblical evidence (such as Psalm 32) and archeological evidence suggest that it was at least 3000 years ago. Probably the first horse parts were raw hide, then bronce and finally the metal or aluminium that we know today.

Mankind' s experiences with the horse over the course of the ages have led to countless different types of dentures, a relatively straightforward tool and as many different views on how to use it. A good coach I know seldom uses anything other than a bridle horse dentition; another, a very succesful pure horse competitor, has such a big horse dentition on his walls that he would embarrass the display in most stakes.

They are all used because he believes that it is a key to find the right set of teeth for a certain horse at a certain skill levels. Do not let the generalisation miss the centuries-long experiences of the horse, whose livelihood and life depends on the education of their herd.

Find out how bits work. It must be able to penetrate the bridge or your horse's interproximal cavity, the gums between his front and cheek toothing. Find out how you can assess the lever action of kerbstone chisels from the relationship between the lower shaft and the top, the form of the nozzle and the sag in the kerbstone band.

Dexterity, timings and sensible palms are the standards for a workout that leads to results without cruelties. The bridle with impervious palms is harder than a gentle kerb, just as spores with delicate legs are softer than naked ones that hit a horse's chest harshly.

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