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Second-hand horse equipment

Horse and Horse Racing Glossary We' ve put together this horse and horseback ride vocabulary to help new or inexperienced horsemen familiarise themselves with the term before going on one of our horseback rides. Bridles - The headdress for controlling a horse, comprising buckle belts to which a piece and rein are fastened. Bite - A tool used as a means of inspection in the horse's jaws and fixed to the rein and bridles. Flip-flops - A pairs of small discs of leathers on a horse's rein to keep it from seeing from the side or back. Breast plate - A harness that runs under the horse's breast and prevents the seat from sliding backwards.

Galopp - A three-step walk of a horse between trotting and galloping. GOLT - A horse under 4 years old, not neutered. Dressur - The skill of horse back trainer and rider in a way that promotes obeisance, agility and equilibrium. Rider - Someone who travels, possesses or exhibits a horse or takes part in horse activity.

Horse - A horse or another member of the horse group. Blacksmith - A handyman who prunes and shod. Foals - A young horse. We are a woman horse under 4 years old. Galopp - The quickest speed of a horse, where all your legs stand together on the floor in every step.

Seatbelt - A tape fixed to the seat to attach it to the horse by placing it around his stomach. Wallach - A neutered horse. Holder - A cord or tape with a loop or headpiece that is placed around the horse's neck for guidance or tying.

Trapeze - A kit of straps and hardware used to attach a horse to a carriage, plough, etc. and steer it by the rider. Manual - This is the usual way to test a horse. A 15-handed horse is 4-inch, so a 15-handed horse is 60-inch. Jodhpurs - trousers for horseback rides, very full from the waist to the knees and close over the thigh.

Martingal - A belt or kit of belts fastened at one end to a horse's nose belt (standing Martingal) or rein (Reitmartingal) and at the other end to the circumference. This is used to avoid the horse lifting its own skull too high. Horse - A feminine horse over 4 years old.

Canoe Dock - A small paddock or paddock where horse training takes place. Bridle - A long, small stripe fixed at one end to a horse's teeth, usually used in twos to lead or control a horse during use. Semitrailer - A horseback mounted ride pad.

Stirrups - A set of equipment fixed to each side of the horse seat in the shape of a strap with a shallow basis to hold the rider's toes. Hengst - A 4 year old horse that has not been neutered. Trob - The speed of a horse, quicker than a stroll, with each pairs of crossed feet lifted up alternating.

One of the various accessoires carried by the horse during its use as a pet. Jumpers, stirrup, reins, rein, bridle, bits, harness, martingale and chest plates are all types of horse halter. Flogging - A stripe of cowhide or string attached to a grip to press against your horse.

Jährling - A horse in the year after the fold year. Exclusive, individual equestrian and hiking tours in the secluded and wonderful Selinda Reservation in the north of Botswana. This safari will show you the stunning scenery of the reservation, which has both flood plains and perfect arid areas and is perfect for an adventurous trip on horse back or on feet.

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