Used Horse Harness

Second-hand harness

Buy, sale and safe with Canada's No. 1 local classifieds. Find out about the latest advertisements for "horse harness" in Alberta. $150.passt Pferd über 14hhs Harnais de poitrine de cheval d'attelage léger avec sac de harnais and up $150.

Très bon état ........ 137 - HORSE/Lt DRAGUE LEATHER HARNESS, complete with chest collars / tracks, back strap (GIRTH 72 to 86") with stockholders, Britches with cruppers and brackets, bridles with teeth and canvas.

138- HORSE/Lt BIO STUDDED HARNESS organic back strap (70 to 90") with stockholders, britches with cruppers and brackets, bridles with bits..... Full blood horse races (with some trotting races and district horse races). Wooden sledge - brand-new, bobsled - good state, beautiful dishes, passenger tractor, evenings, throat yolk brand-new, many necklaces, etc.

SALE OF SEPARATELY OR AS A KIT (individual price see below) - Horse pulled dark woodcutter, metallic chassis, velvety cushion. Horsecart: The Horse Cart: Classic Horse Cart with a 43" cushioned vinylseat with Harnesswoodboards: The Horse Cart is made of heavy duty steel: Harness made of dark brown kidskin with blinders made of patina comes completely..... sale of handmade minature carriages and carriages these carriages come in beechwood or beech and are made of fir or oak....also sale of nappa leathers nor elastic or betas....

Incorporated new design show harnesses for retail. It' a dual harness for one crew. This harness has never been used or used on a horse. Includes buckle, spreader ring, harness and canvas. Haflinger/ Lt HORSE Lt HORSE LEATHER HARNESS, checked brace with teeth and linen, back strap ("Girth 76 to 84") with stockholders, britches with cruppers and brackets, cushioned chest neck with twin.....

v harness (zilco) v chest plate with perfect valance and break. Includes a bag full of new horse earplugs (price: $19.99). No...... sell the whole crew with carriage and harness....horses are 3 years old....both are recorded geldings....also have some broodmares with 2018 babies for sale[some registrated and some not] for more..... for sales a couple Granite Pulling Harness and 2 pairs of long straps adjustably.

They' ve been on horseback about 15 beats. Sellin' Horses. {\a6} (dishes alone $2400) (collars per couple $500) ....

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