Used Horse Harness for Sale

Second-hand harness for sale

The harness is very popular for the draught horse used for single trips. The Essex Trap horse size pair or single. It was restored and used for two shows. Mister Debbie Spickermann Ott Some team harness ever comes for sale?

2-wheeled oaken cars for sale, Amish - manufactured; piston sizes (42" gears, 72" shafts).

2-wheeled oaken cars for sale, Amish - manufactured; piston sizes (42" gears, 72" shafts). Very good state, great fun or workout trolley! Extreme easy-care, without footwear and with outstanding nutrition. Ideal for someone who wants a multi-talented horse and is an expert, self-confident horse or coach.

  • FOR-SALE:: Likeable - favours humans over other dressage males. Just a nurse. -FOR-SALE:: One matching set of minipony grade C. Sells with a safety belt, a small carriage, a two-wheeler and a mini-westaddle. -FOR-SALE::

Nice flyer 4-wheel car, special paintwork, detachable bridegroom rack in the back for marathons or fun, very good shape, horse-sized. -FOR-SALE:: I' ve got a very nice lacquered and pin-striped car for the market, which has a side entrance and looks like a show with even waves. Sitting high so you can see over the horse and a horse would go 15H to 16H (possibly higher) $1000 or commerce for a draught horse-drawer for my 18H design.

  • FOR-SALE:: Are you looking for a riding perspective with beautiful motion and a willing mindset? It is currently launched under harness. It also does well with outdoor riding and is enjoying working with the moustache. She' s good with pets and other animals, does not behave like a mare when in season, walks barefooted and is a light guardian.

Sell a Halfling horse. There is also a jumping trolley and a harness available. Silent, professional pony for rideing/driving. Please see advertisement on for details: Medical practitioner one-seater, renovated, very good state. -for-sale: Pony's $800 FMI: Kim (207) 943-5098 will consider swapping for the front vehicle fiord height.

Riding cute, wholesome ponies. Available to good home. Equestrian trailers for sale. In very good-exzellenter state. Furnishings in this pendant. Zilco harness in horse sizes with suitable headpiece available. Contains a bridle bite and new bridle lines made of civ. Nice 2-wheel wooden trolley with simple front access.

Perfect state. Perfect shape. or call 207-929-3767.

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