Used Horse Jumps

Second-hand horse jumps

Various jumps we can make for ourselves. A new project idea for horse jump fountain pens! Coloured cones (sports cones) can be used for additional visual interest and tension. Versatile and suitable for many disciplines.


Free delivery to Kentucky Horse Park, as well as our own ranches and educational establishments. In order to make our jumps, we begin with class 1 timber, processed for strength and long life. Then, the timber is finished with round edges and a flat, polished finish to enhance ease of use and security and give the timber a better finish for repaint.

The next step is to fix all the timber with coated, external bolts (NOT NAILS) to increase firmness and durability. After all, we only use the best lacquer and pickling agents to maintain the appearance and dependability of our jumps for years to come.

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Receive a warning with the latest Ontario "Horse Jumping" notifications. He' s out of business and has a few show mileage. Jumped 3:3 and is a good movers. He' s good on trail and is also broken in the west. Dive into the summer with a melody on the horse simulator!

You can find the Interactive Horse Simulator in the wonderful Kawartha Lakes. Dive into autumn with a melody on the horse simulator! You can find the Interactive Horse Simulator in the wonderful Kawartha Lakes. I can ride, leap. May be used for cultivation..... Includes three 8' bars, mugs.

Equine dung is a good and cheap fertiliser for crops. Compost horse dung can give new crops a boost and at the same time provide important nutritional elements for continuous planting. Ogilvy Profile Ogilvy Profile Pads large size with bright purple edging and large size for warm blood or draught horse Perfect shape, clean and fit for new home.....

Brand-new in Sealed Box Lego Friends Heartlake Horse Show #41057 (retired). Arrange the nice jumps, stands, cleaning stations, winners' podiums and scoring stations. 10yre 2h quarters horse filly. broken out to horseback stallion WWC jumps a course, choops off, has shown hunter. It is used in the Sommercamp for absolute newcomers and.....

2 hours thoroughbred filly Broke to ride, jumps, picks out. Gonna be a beautiful show horse when he gets back to work. At the moment we are selling a horse, because we are not over..... Ideal for the horse in retirement or the leisure horse who does not want the hassle of a crowded shed. Underwater stadium with jumps Lot of...

Very good horse pension near Baden .12 min. from KW indoors and outdoors with many possibilities. In-door stadium with sandring, jumps and many tracks.

10-year-old filly for rent in London. Glad to bounce. Might be a great horse for training or events. Eighteen years of equestrian expertise, looking for a horse for off-road leasing. Has to be 16 hours and up Breed doesn't play a role Stute or Wallach Green is fine If your needs w/t/c platform a....

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