Used Horse Riding Clothes

Riding clothes for used horses

See local classified ads for equestrian clothing in United Kingdom and Ireland. Used moderately, but still in very good condition. BIT USED has a new home. The Saddle Up Tack offers the best of the best of the best new & used items, including saddles, bridles, bits, saddle pads, riding equipment, boots and showwear at reasonable prices. Horse and rider and home and barn!

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Hints for the sale of your carefully used riding clothes quicker and for more cash

"Did you ever find a garment that seemed hideous on the temple, but when you put it on, you believed in magical things because it couldn't be the same garment," asks Chiara Zuccolotto, co-founder of Zuccolotto Designs. This is the prerequisite for the successful sale of your carefully used riding clothes on the Internet.

Identifying the best properties for your prospects is the secret to a quick and competitive pricing. This is the first re-sale rule: Prevent the suspension bullet! She says it's hardly ever efficient to put a garment on a coat-rack. "It'?s really limiting the percentages of prospects.

When someone doesn't know the tag, the look or the shape and only sees it on a temple, he won't know how it will fit on his body," says Zuccolotto. If you are a "fashion" shoot, you should make an extra effort to stage the photograph. It is another frequent error to show how an article appears in a designer's catalogue.

Purchasers want to see the object as it currently looks, not in its former splendour. Together with your trendy picture you also have to take pictures of the products - closer pictures showing important features of the article you have sold. When there is an error in the article, clearly mark it with a photograph and a clear outline.

An overwhelming distraction with accessoires, bustling scenery or disorder from what you are sell. If the object is lightly coloured or has a Softprint, printed matter in fat can work. "Make sure it doesn't cloud the product," says Zuccolotto. To get the best results, take your photos of fashions and products in a well-lit room with as much surrounding lighting as possible.

Don't ever fire into the lights as it casts your motif in the shade. Accessoires are like make-up - they can accentuate the already there appearance and help attract the prospective buyer's interest. "I' d only use accessoires you sell, so if someone wants exactly the look you showed, you can do it.

Keep thinking about what's being sold together, Zuccolotto on. Just as important as good photographs is a clear descriptive text that will identify the make, sizes, fit und state of the items you are sell. Keys are another thing that can help you move your article. "As Zuccolotto says, they can be used as hash tags in community service.

You and your customers should make it profitable," says Zuccolotto.

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