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You can find used Western saddles for sale on eBay below. The headstall is Alamo Saddlery and the conchos/buckles are made to measure with ab swarovski crystals. We also have a nice selection of used western saddles for sale. Saving more money and buying a better used saddle instead.

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Receive a warning with the latest advertisements for "used Western saddles" in Ontario. Handcrafted antique westernsaddle. It is in perfect state and usable. Collectibles will notice that this is an awesome horseback. I haven't seen a horse in 40 years with Westernsaddle. Buying the seat from my 4th class rider in the 1960s.

Basic new 16" westerncontact 16 " saddle................completely used with new RCA....twice, but does not match my horse. Payed $500.00 plus tax....asking $250.00 for saddles and.... Second hand 14 Zoll Westernsattel Latigo and truncheon belts are absent. Vintec Westerns Barrel Siddle 15.5-inch Semi Qarter Horse Bar In exquisite condition, bought about seven years ago and used for Westerns games and instruction.

Foldable under westernsaddle, small frazzled area at the rim. I' m sellin' my older westernsaddle. Not used anymore because I don't have any ponies. Not used for two years, it may need a little bit of plc, but is in quite good state. Is used for drums and cleaning for a while.

It'?s not right for my horse and I'm getting a new one. Aussie nut without horns. It' the same as a 16-inch westerner, but I don't know how to do it. Newly purchased westernsaddle, used 5x. Got to go. Doesn't match on the horse. 16-seater, semi-quarter horse hanger.

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To sell a used seat is very similar to onlinedating: you can find a used one: a used saddle: You' re going to sit out there hoping it's the right moment, and with a little bit of good fortune you and the right guy will come around. That' s where this analogue ends, because we really don't have any help with our on-line dates.

However, we can give you some hints to help you sell your saddles. So, without further fuss, here are seven straightforward stages to sell a used seat (if only chatting on-line was so easy!): You' re quite sure the old westernsaddle is more of a ladies' cleaner than a normal cleaner?

Remember that your training caliper is either a 17.5 or 18 inches? Shoppers are expecting precise information, so be sure to find out before you put it up for sale. As a rule, the series number of a nut can contain information such as year of production, model, fit and esophagus.

Do a Google research on the product ID and make (some satellite operators keep full keys on their websites) or directly with them. When you sell a seat, you should thoroughly wash it as you would before a show of championships. This helps your rider to achieve a higher cost and to distinguish themselves from similar offers.

Get a lot of pictures: Snap pictures from either side, front, back and bottom. Add the goodies, but also take pictures of any signs of abrasion or scratching on the back. You would rather have a purchaser who knows what he has in front of him than to give back your seat, because he did not anticipate any damages that you could have uncovered.

Ensure your photographs are well illuminated and sharp. If you are a consignant seller, proceed to stage 6. There are several ways to advertise a used seat. It is easiest to publish a leaflet with your telephone number and your pictures at your favourite food shop. Also, make sure that one of your member organisations, such as 4-H or Back Country Horsemen, is listed in their newsletter or website.

A craigs list and on-the-ground horse-related Facebook groups (if they allow bookings ) are another way to get in touch with a group. If sold on site, purchasers should test the seat for a perfect seat. In order to prevent thievery, you should deliver the seat personally and stay nearby for installation, request a copy of the buyer's driver's licence or receive full compensation for the seat with confirmation that you are offering a refund if the seat does not work.

The use of an on-line auctions site such as eBay provides a safer way to buy and buy and could help prevent problems with payments and testing. Remember that auctions pages and on-line payments are charged. Saddles, like a horse, are selling better at certain hours of the year.

When the equestrian and show jumping saison starts or is in full activity in early or early summers, you may have more of it. Christmas is another good moment to start a sale, because who doesn't want to find a seat under the Christmas trees? When you want to avoid the annoyance of placing advertisements, taking photographs and handling tests, the show may be the simplest way to do it.

Consignation is a good choice for higher quality saddles because these shops often have a good reputation, a powerful on-line advertising and can often charge higher rates (buyers like the ease of buying in shops with good stock and choice). The sale of a used seat requires preparedness, sincerity, timing, perseverance and a little fortun.

Maybe that's good counsel for you.

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