Used Jumping Saddles for Sale

Second hand jumping saddles for sale

Roxane Deluxe Stubben Biomex seat jumping saddle. This quantum jump saddle is built on a tightly fitting tree and slab, providing a flatter seat that is required for stadium or off-road jumping. HCS, USA Saddlery Used Saddles Their source for used saddles made in Great Britain. Gladly we work together with a copy of your tracing to choose the best suit for you and your horses. In search of new saddles?

With our ready-made seat adjustment sets you have the necessary tool to carry out the necessary tracing of your horses. Follow my order(s):

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Second-hand jump saddles for sale

This quantum jump semi-trailer is mounted on a tightly fitting boom and a slab, providing a shallower fit necessary for jumping in stadiums or off-road. Knuckle and femur block to assist your posture. Take advantage of a tight caliper with non-woven, flaked boards. It is a few years old and was only used as a demonstration.

Ricochet is a fusion of our two most beloved jumping saddles, Quantum and Wexford. He has a flat, square-curved fit and an aesthetically pleasing continent-like, close-fitting touch - so much in demand in the jumping arena, especially among hunter jumper athletes. Panels and trees are suitable for many high withers from hunters, purebred jumper to some of the more contemporary warm-blooded sweaters.

Formerly this nut was in the possession of one man and was well maintained. Oxblood two-tone rock and hatches and Havana fit and knucklehole. Manufactured from genuine vinyl leathers, the Solare provides outstanding value for price, incorporating innovative styling and engineering, offering a tight tactile pad and forward facing seating for cyclists of all skill level and abilities, allowing room to move.

It has a subtle knuckle roller that provides grip without locking the legs, while the front panels help the rider's equilibrium and safety. Flocked with virgin woollen in this all-round seat for a great fitting and greater adjustability. Only used as a demonstration, this seat is a few years old.

Wexford is a deep-seated jumping caliper, similar to the GP series, but with a broader fit for more comfortable riding than most conventional jumping calipers. Panels and trees in this nut allow a variety of profile types. An excellent nut for the hunt or maybe the beginner or for those of us who just like an "armchair jump"!

Seat has smaller Havana leathers for knees and thighs. When you have a seat for which you find it difficult to find a new home, we will be happy to receive it, provided it is in good shape and the trees are healthy.

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