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Second-hand jumps for sale

The Progressive Jumps offers wood and PVC jumps for sale or rental. Some used rails are available. by Fuzzy, Inc., Chapel Hill, Tennessee. Used and new jumps for sale or rent, stable rental and made-to-measure jumps.

At Wellington Quarantine we have a large number of new and used jumps for sale or for rent.

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They are handcrafted, hand-painted top of the range fencing tailored to your specific needs. There is a uniquely wide range of jumping and jumping equipment at a price that everyone can pay. The jumps are made to measure. You can now do ring jumps at yard rates. You are invited to check our rates against those of our competition, you will be surprised what you will be saving.

The new jumps are always made.

L.J. Enterprises, LLC.

L.J. Enterpreneurs jumps can be found in coastal to coastal stables and for 26 years in Hunter, Equitation and Grand Prix wrestling at USEF approved shows all along the East Coastline. The jumps are for coaches, horsemen, school, homeowner and tournament leaders. In order to meet the most diverse requirements, we provide a full line of equipment, from unmounted training standard to made-to-measure and ready-made sashes, attractive Riviera doors, complicated latticed pillars and machined rail.

In case you cannot see the course you are looking for or are not sure which jumps are best for you, call us at (860) 859-1070. We' re pleased to help you with your question and take the necessary amount of your free training to help you make your own ring.

Equestrian jumping, dressage, stable equipment

Cowboys are always rode in a 20 x 40 meter stadium. But if you want to do everything you can to compete in classical British and Western and cowboy riding, this is the one! Supplied with 32 supporting pins - sufficient for a full 20m x 60m training area and 32 5m tracks.

Save over $450 off a classical British ring and still offer you the eventing for all these horse-tracks! British Dressur, Westerns Dressur AND Cowboydressur. Include the 16 (12 Classical + 4 Cowboy horses ) 18" or 30" letter kit and you have everything you need for Classical, Westerns and Cowboys class.

The Cowboy Lines Cowboy Dressageâ " (16 characters incl. quarter lines) for the 20m x 40m and gives you the full range of 12 classical training lettering for the 20m x 60m. 30 " All with the 12 standard classical lettering and the four extras of cowboy-dressing.

Altogether 16 characters. Contains the four cowboy dressage four-line characters. Examine the ground, locate the magistrate in relation to the light and make sure there is sufficient room for the judges and a convenient area at the entrance. Furthermore, 100-foot ribbons are available for the measurement of edges in DIY shops at a low price.

Also two 100-foot straps are used to place edges and shorter partitions. Bands are used to form a right-angled 40-foot and 30-foot sides with a 50-foot phantom-angle. Insert a pole or pin to determine the position for the first angle post.

With the 100-foot band, you can take 66 ft along the potentially shorter walls. Use a 60 meter band and for a small stadium, take 40 metres down the long side walls (standard ring size 60 metres) and tie a pole with the band to be tight and upright. Apply the second 100-foot strap.

Attach to the 40-foot point on the long panel, unwind 50 ft, and then set the position between the 40-foot position on the long panel and a 30-foot position on the small panel so that they are exactly 50 ft apart. Simple way to do this is to swivel the long side while the long side remains up.

Use a post to indicate the end of the long side. Put up the arena barrier. Specify the position of the characters. Position the characters approx. Â meters from the stadium at ½ Place a specific marking on the site on the fence itself, at the same height as and in supplement to the relevant type.

They are so flexible that they can be used with a 2" x 6" track, 1.5" x 5.5" or even round PVC pipes. It is a training quadrilateral with perfectly shaped edges and snaps.

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