Used Kid Saddles for Sale

Second-hand child saddles for sale

Sale of youth/children's saddles. Main page " Saddles - Children " Used child saddles. You can use our child saddles for trekking, lessons, training, training or the showring.

Westerns Youth Saddles

Strip Down Kid Sattel is made of thick skirtings and lubricated for longevity and comfort. This is a junior bears fall semitrailer that has a 7 -inch wide surf and a 4 -inch tilt. Half Wafer and Half Casserole. This quadratic edged nut is made of a single piece.

They are also supplied with padded leather stapes for young people, tight fit and cords. This child's nut is guaranteed for 5 years by the Baum club. It is a tight fit juvenile calf with angular coats, cords and a stirrup made of raw leather. It has a five-year guarantee and is an associative structure.

It' got a 7-inch spring high and a 4-inch mantle. Half the child's nut is a half-ball and half a half-ruffler. Threshold value width: 11.75" Angle of inclination height: 4". Stirrup: 2" x 6" mudguard: 12 " or 13" STT Association children's semitrailer with folding base made of thick skirt and lubricated for comfort and longevity.

Source height: 7" 4" The juvenile sailer is conceived for the young rider who needs a seat that is bigger than the children's saddles, but does not need the function of a full-fledged abseiling seat. Rope youths seat exclusively at SSTT. Lace -up raw leather tube stapes are 3 inch long.

These saddles are equipped with graved concchos and high-grade fittings. It is a youths seat, which has a sea state altitude of 7 inch and an inclination of 4 inch. Squared skirt, tight fit, cords and stirrup made of suede for teenagers. It is a child's seat produced with an associative boom that comes with a five-year guarantee.

Half the nut is a wind-mill and half a roughener. It is a fully grown child's seat with quadratic ruffles, raw hide juvenile sticks, tight fit and seat cords. Source is 7 inch high and the tilt is 4 inch. It has an associative boom that comes with a five-year guarantee.

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