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Explore New & Used Saddles for sale on America's largest horse marketplace. Second hand english saddle, leather color: . Cowhide is the most commonly used leather in the horse saddle industry.

Ergonomic - Should I buy a used Brooks seat that has already used?

QU 1: A poor concept, because it has already collapsed to such an extent that it forms the former owner's corpse beyond repair? You can remold a leather nut by immersing it in soak, returning it to its original form and then collapsing it. I' ve described it as a "Blocking Technique" and have also seen warning that it is possible to over-stretch and even crack the leather (although I am doubtful personally), so be careful.

Or, use it to re-set the mold, apply proofant or mink fluid to the nut, and then crack it in a brief drive (10 minutes) while it's still damp to make a new mold. Use longer journeys in succession to completely collapse. Exclusion of liability - You can also ruin the seat if, for example, you increase the voltage in damp or drive for a long period of use.

Be ready for the chance of failing if you have never worked with leather before. QU 2: A good concept, because the leather is smoother and easier to adapt to the new rider's physique? In fact, the leather is stretch to fit the driver who collapses it, so that it is not smoother for newer drivers.

In the ideal case, in order to be able to adjust to your own size as well as possible, you should assume a unstretched seat (exceeding the size of the factory). This does not mean that a used vehicle cannot adjust its own shape, but that it is best to shoot with a new one. Q3: An equal good concept because the leather just changes over the years?

Nor - as mentioned in my response to Q 2 - will the leather's ability to adjust to your own unique form probably be less. There are a number of different reasons for purchasing a seat, ranging from your own physique and your favorite ride posture to the state of the back.

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