Used Mini Horse Cart

Second-hand mini horse-drawn carriage

NEW MINIATURE HORSE EASY ENRT CART MADE IN USA. The pony car is in top form! The Cob size, very little used. Minish Sh Pony Driving Show Training Cart Harness with Tan Trim. Teamrod for easy entry.

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It fits on two-wheeled cars with 20" or 26" castors and linear shafts. On the 20 " mini gear the diameter of the centre is 3 1/2 " and the 26 " has a diameter of 5 1/2 ". Spring-loaded mounts can be converted to 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4" shaft diam. Available with pneumatically or flat-free tyres.

Notice: The tyres are calculated and resold separately. Return and exchange are only effective within 30 day of receipt and are liable to a 25% re-storage surcharge. There are no ratings for this item yet.

NEW FL horse-drawn carriage and tableware in FL

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Horse-drawn carriage for sprinting

Sprint Cart is the nonplus ultra in terms of eventing. A car does everything. Build your Custom Sprint Cart: Start with the sprint that suits your horse. When your sprint has been added to the basket, return to the sprint page to choose your order option.

You have two pages with sprint settings. Every single item must be placed in the basket. There is a rebate available for several different items. The shaft sleeves are unscrewed (4 screws). The wagons are packed in our factory for industrial transportation according to customer specifications.

There are two delivery methods. You will see both price quoted items at the cash desk. When we do not have your order in store, our delivery times for new two-wheelers are on a 30-60 day basis. We have an approximate delivery period for four-wheel vehicles of 90 to 120 of these.

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