Used Miniature Horse Saddle

Miniature used horse saddle

These miniature versions can be found in trail, barrel, rope and show saddles. The miniature saddles can even be used on ponies and horses for a children's rider. Saddles are available. I' ve got two miniature horse saddles for sale. Bar size especially for miniature horses!

The horse was used to a child on its back, but the saddle was different!


There are miniature horse breeds in many countries, especially in North and South America and Europe. It is the grandeur of the horse that decides whether it is a miniature horse or not. Various miniature horse registers differ according to race, but the hight is usually less than 34-38 inch. As a rule, miniature dressage is very similar in dimensions to very small sized dressage but miniature dressage retains the characteristics and proportion of a horse and is regarded as a horse by the relevant registers.

Thumbnails have different fur designs and colours, just like the bigger version of the race. The miniature horse interacts well with humans and is very kind. Because of the kind character of the miniature horse, it is often kept as a domestic animal. Still all miniscule animals have the same behaviour and "escape or fight" instincts and should always be treated with the same respect as any other horse.

They were also designed and used as servants, similar to official dog handlers used for disabled persons. Compared to the dog in this area, the miniature has a longer lifespan. It is very resistant and often lives longer on avarage than full horse-races. They have an avarage lifespan of 25 to 35 years.

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This is a small size saddle, often for a miniature horse or small horse on which a small kid can sit. Raster | List (1 to 4 of 4) " Back | Next " × Display: Featuring pekan on wave, coat, bugle and yockey with polyamide rock and mudguards, Pro Tuff stirrup with leather-wrapped running surface, fibre-through saddle boom, 7/8-piece suspension and buckskin saddle.

Tough 1 Blaze eclipse 1 Blaze is a great light weight saddle! Ecolipse by Tough 1 round rock finger rock riding saddle and racing saddle is a great light weight saddle for use on the trails or in the arenas! Raster | List (1 to 4 of 4) " Back | Next " × Display:

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