Used Renegade Hoof Boots

Renegade Hoof Shoes

Unaffected by mileage but easily used, good profile, wires and velcro tapes. Most boots are in new condition, many in slightly used condition and many in more used condition. The things they say I' ve tried four other stamps for my filly, and NOTHING is comparable to these boots! Anything no other boots have ever done. Thank you Renegade!

The Blemished Boots, a. k. a. Blams, are fully operational boots with the same qualities as the Renegade line, but with some non-structural, non-functional imperfections, e.g. small; blisters, scratches, small bumps, small bumps of other colours, etc...

Can also have a mark on the boots that identifies them as defective, e.g. the term "blem" on the inside of the shells. Sell in individual boots, e.g. Amount 1 is 1 individual boots, choose 2 for 1 pairs. You can use the memo field to ask to the right or right when an uneven number is ordered.

Stefans DuRoss and Hadji (aka "The Legend"). Hadji and I would never have reached this landmark together without your astonishing product and your support. 10,050 perseverance mile! More than 7,200 of these mile in Renegade Boots since 2007! Hadji has been able to walk the path safely and healthily for 17 years in a row.

About 700 mileage this year alone and he will be 25 years old in September with no sign of a slowdown.

Easy-boot Hoof Boot Exchange Boots for Sale at E-Bay

EasyCare Hoof Shoe Upgrade Programme is continuing. It allows hoof shoe wearers who are dissatisfied with a recent hoof shoe pattern to submit the undesirable shoes and get half the cost of any EasyCare hoof shoe. In the last few month we have been collecting the hoof shoes that were handed in as part of the replacement programme and will sell the whole stack of hoof shoes to the highest tenderer.

Included in the stack are Cavallo Horse Boots, Marquis Horse Boots, Horse Sneakers, Davis Horse Boots, Renegade Hoof Boots, Bosana Horse Boots, aso. Most boots are in new shape, many in slightly used and many in more used state. Find out more about further information and place a bids at the Hoof Shoe E-Bay auctions.

Cavallo boots alone have a sales value of $1800. I am often asked to give comments on other hoof shoe designs from different producers. In all honesty, I like all other makes and I believe that all shoe makers share the same approach and we all spread the same mess.

The sale of hoof shoes is currently a real stroke of luck in comparison to the sale of shoes made of steel, but we are closing the loop. We' re all making each other better and the only thing that improves the boots is the competitive situation between the hoofshoes. Horse Boots. The Marquis Horse Boots.

Two lacquered white boots. Horse-sneakers. Apostate hoof shoes. Straps on boots and clams. Most of the glued on bowls are in new state, never used.

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