Used Saddles and Tack

Second-hand saddles and tacks

Was used very little, has a wide front and a high back. Second-hand County Warmblood Series II dressage saddle. Both new and used horse tacks. We are a well-known saddle dealer in our community in Carson City, Nevada.

Theme:: Best website to sale used saddles/tack?

Aside from eBay, what are the best websites for the sale/purchase of used tack? I' ve got two beautiful saddles that I have to resell, because they don't match my own saddles anymore. I' m not sure, but... I need a new one! And what is your question: what is your preferred look, seating position, trunk and make?

They are both beautiful County Jump saddles. I' ve ridden in them every evenly, but just been selling my slender, tall arid horse, and my other horse has grown out the vehicle and has to sort up. These are great saddles that put you in a good balance and allow the saddle to be fully exploited.

Including a 17-seater County Innovation, middle boom, calfskin. Others are a county stabilizer, 17.5 seats, small boom. Oh, I fucking like county saddles! When you put the middle treeddle on a website that has Leslie on it, I can just buy it from you! There is a wide choice for Ricks Heritage Saddlery.

Have you listed your saddles somewhere in the end? I' ve oversold 3 saddles and purchased 2 from this site. Not many other places that are used that are on-line. I' ve chosen not to resell my Media Trees invention. It doesn't match my own big saddle, but it does match 95% of the time, so it will be useful when I am riding other saddles, which I do a lot.

That slender stabilizer is up on EBay - if anyone is interested, let me know.

Used saddles end of life

I started my rider with saddles as a result of my own quest for a used top of the range horse around 2005. Most used saddlery stores at that period had obsolete saddles and/or so many different makes that it was almost not possible for them to be acquainted with each make to know why one could be better than another for certain needs.

It felt like there was a specialty A-Circuit rider who could eradicate the obsolete articles, concentrate on the saddles and turning points the drivers now wanted, and offer a more personalised rider choice procedure. In 2006, with the information and experiences I gathered from my own quest for the right rider, I started to support competition horse racers on site and throughout Germany in their quest for high-quality used saddles.

When our competition comes and goes, I believe that our sustained business performance is based on good, old-fashioned, sincere and high-quality services. I' ve worked as a lawyer for several years, but I have failed to have enough free riding years. I' ve had the chance to practice with some of the best drivers in our game, such as George Morris, Diane Carney, Victor Hugo-Vidal, Bernie Traurig, Nick Karazissis, Kost Karazis and for a whole weekend on the Greg Best ranch in New Zealand.

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