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Was used very little, has a wide front and a high back. When you sold your horse's used equipment, what worked for you? Great used English saddles for sale, used Western saddles for sale, and for which you can die! See more ideas about tack, saddles for sale and horse tack. You can sell your used saddle and tack as quickly as possible at the best price.

Tack, saddles for sale and halyard

Great used British saddles for sale, used westernsaddles for sale, and for which you can kill! McLelland's Show Saddle: Nice used westernsaddle for sale. Become the queen of the balls in this wonderful Saddle. Call us today for a FREE TRIAL! Two bridles with style. Softly worn British bridles (brought by the sender from England), in high-quality dark brown patent grain leathers, superb Swarovski crystallised browband by Cliff Barnsby, equestrian-sized.

$99.99 Ref: 1598-45 Affordable Horsetacks at its best! The beautiful English dark brown fence came directly from England with the sender. He has a breathtaking diamond-set headband and is.... 249-26 Although it is a shipped seat, it is the new Bates dressage Isabell sire.

For more information, please go to the link:, where you can order a free 7-day test! Classical used training caliper for sale: Classical used training caliper from Meister-Sattler Hintermayer. For a FREE SAMPLE of this breathtaking bike, see the link: Unparalleled used training caliper with good feeling of good physical and mental touch.

It has some outstanding characteristics, because it has a featherwood..... A really beautiful, softly used training caliper. For a FREE SAMPLE of this beautiful horse, go to: $1999.99 call: This is a really great training caliper, wonderfully made. The Patrick Decorus Madisson 3 (Ref: 517-20) is a softly trimmed crescent.

For more information go to:, where you can still get a FREE SAMPLE on this bike today!


Earn top dollars for your saddles and tack! Your used saddles and tacks can be sold as quickly as possible at the best possible prices. And the best thing about it: You don't have to worry about missed deadlines and foreigners who come to your home - the trouble of having to resell yourself! The cantering is the first consignation stock of saddles and accessories for horses in Northern Virginia.

Contrary to other tack warehouses, which have only a small area at the back of their stock for consigned goods, our warehouse has more than 1,800 sqm reserved for shipping only. We are located in the heart of Pferdeland, on Rt 29, opposite the historical Warrenton Horse Show Grounds.

In addition to the walk-in exposition that your tack will get in our shop, we also have some of the most violent promotional efforts on the web through large searching machines and focused, high trafficked pages that offer maximal exposition for your high value saddles and tacks. Accepting payment by bank transfer means more cash in your bag, especially for higher-priced articles such as saddles.

Consignation articles are presented in a professional manner and marked in an aggressive manner in order to be sold quickly and at the best price. Please keep in mind that we don't get any payment unless your articles are selling! Vendors are often confronted with poor cheques, but that's not a problem when we are selling your saddles and tacks. No need to worry about tiresome nightly telephone conversations or spend your own precious free minutes showing your articles to your web browser and not to your customers.

Allow us to present your saddles and tacks in the best possible way so that you can put the most of your cash in your pockets. And who fixes the prices? Too high a cost.... the article does not go on sale. It'?s too low a cost.... it'?s not fair to the shipper. Selling at reseller prices, our expertise can help us achieve a fair deal for buyers and sellers.

The market objectives for the sale within two short periods and the response from customers have demonstrated the effectiveness of this strategy. Your top of the range products are quickly and profitably for sale! In contrast to most consignation warehouses, we are offering the recipient up to 75% saddles and 40% tack of the retail prices. Cheques for articles purchased are charged every Monday for the articles purchased in the preceding Monday.

Suppose my articles are not sold? Articles, which are desired and price-correct, are sold!

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