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A way to save costs is to buy used or unpainted jumps. The following types of jumps are used:. You will find used show jumpers for sale in our category Horses & Ponies from Bathurst-Orange Region, NSW. The Wellington columns make practical and financial sense when used as horse jumps.

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On our customers and suppliers: Approximately 3% of them are other equine toys, 3% are infatable animals. There is a large selection of used jumps for purchase, such as plastics, metals and PVC. They can also select from toys that can be inflated, driving on toys. We have 33 used jumps for purchase, mainly in Asia.

Its most important supplier markets are China (mainland), India and Pakistan, which offer 87%, 6% and 6% of used jumps for purchase. Second-hand jumps for sales are the most common in Western Europe, North America and Eastern Europe. Guarantee your security by choosing from certificated vendors, 8 with others, 6 with ISO 9001-certificate.

A breastplate can therefore alter the way your show jumps.

A recent survey shows that a breast plate can limit the way in which a dog jumps, and a producer has developed a completely new tread. We have all been told that an ill-fitting seat can adversely impact a horse's performances - but what about breast plates? This is the concept that Fairfax and Centaur Biomechanics are pursuing in their research on how a breast plate can alter the way a Horse jumps.

They used Centaur Biomechanics to record the horse's movements at 400fps. Skilled show jumpers were rode over the same rail. Horsemen were jumping the dressage armourless and then in different style. Using detailled photographs that recorded practically every instant of every leap, the scientists were able to see how the animals took off, flew and landed while carrying the various apparatus.

Regardless of the type of breast plate the animals were wearing, the results showed that the movement of the animal was always adversely affected by the breast plate. On the whole, the bow of the stallion over the enclosure was narrower, and the stallions ended up at a more steeply sloping spot when they carried the breast plates than when they did not have the outfit on.

Facsimile took the results of the trial and used the findings to develop a new breast plate design that allows the rider to leap about. One of the rider in the survey, Eventer Tom Jackson used this new technique on his own rider and noticed that he could sense that the rider was less limited over the fence.

He' been in competition with this new breast plate type since he first tried it. As a result, the Fairfax Performance Breast Plate still protects the seat from sliding back over a leap or uphill. It is however conceived in such a way that the horse's respiration is not limited and the horses can retain its original form via a rail.

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