Used show Saddles for Sale

Second-hand show saddles for sale

The Harris Show saddle, in very good condition, stowed in the saddle bag. Explore New & Used Dale Chavez Saddles sold on America's largest horse marketplace. The Dale Chavez Company is the manufacturer of silver show tack, western saddles and awards. Breathtaking, gently used and very well maintained Phil Harris Western Pleasure Show saddle for sale.

Used & new Phil Harris saddles for sale

Here is your opportunity to own a Harris Western Show nut for 1/2 the price of a new one! The Harris Show semitrailer, in very good shape, stowed in the saddlebag. 1988 15 " HARRIS 1988 15 " harris front semitrailer seats. Don't be intimidated by the old man, this bike has been used a lot.... "5 "5" Antares semitrailer 2009 Modell 4AB hatches with 14.

"5 "5" CWD Saddle 2016 Modell 2L Dampers with 13.

Dale Chavez New & Used Saddles for sale

My 16 " Dale Chavez nut is specially made and has been used only a few time. "5 "5" Antares semitrailer 2009 Modell 4AB hatches with 14. 25 " from the ironing rod to the ground and 14 ....... "5 "5" CWD semitrailer 2016 2L butterfly valves with 13. 75 " from the ironing rod to the floor and 13.

"5 "5" CWD Full Buffalo Saddle 2012 2C Flap 2C with 14. 25 " from the stirrup post to the floor... 17 " CWD saddle 2013 Modell 3L dampers with 14. "5 "5" from the hanger rod to the floor and 13.

Western Pleasure Show saddle Phil Harris 16,5ins design QHB Ref: 3333-23

Breathtaking, softly used and very well groomed Phil Harris Westerns Pleasure Show nut for sale. Breathtaking finish in silver and genuine cowhide. Indeed, Phil Harris describes his turn and saddles as "legendary," and they certainly do justice to that notion. Goullet attaches 8ins draught quarters horses bar (concho to concho), with a pair of skirts from front to back.

ATTENTION: The seat post has already been purchased and the Phil Harris harness is available seperately.

SHADDLES - USED SHADDLES - Mike's suppliers from the West

USE Circle Y High Horse, model 6216, with 14" seats. Syd Hill Aussie USED Syd Hill 16 " Sattel. USE CARRIAGE rear semitrailer, model 2171-5W, with 17" seats. USE box semitrailer, model 2420-2W, with 15" seat. 2420-2W. USE Billy Cook Roping 2011 model with 14 " fit. USE Ortho Flex nut with interchangeable horn, with 17" fit.

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