Used Tack for Sale

Tacks for sale

Selling your used tack and clothing You would like to deliver your used reversible and equestrian clothing to us, but you don't know how? In the following you will find all the information you need to sell your articles with us! More than 5,000 sq. m. dedicated entirely to our consignation store, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

It is very important to us to take the best, carefully used turning and equestrian clothing and to deliver it to you at the best possible prices! Consignation policy: You are strongly advised to use our many years of sector expertise and our understanding of the prevailing markets to find the best retail prices for your products.

It is very important to us that your shipment is offered at a reasonable cost in order to be sold quickly, but also to offer you the best possible yield for your article. The flat shipping charge is 50% of the sales prices for all non-saddle-articles. We charge 25% of the sales value for seats over $500 and 40% for all seats under $500.

Objects MUST be free of smell, spots or cracks. The articles MUST be in good shape and must not be in need of repair! You are required to keep your item with us for at least 90 working nights to give us a reasonable chance of sell it. You can collect your articles after 90 working hours (or you have to return them).

In those cases where we can no longer get in touch with the article holder using the details provided and we no longer have the feeling that the article is for sale, we must use this last possibility. About once a months we carry out a monthly review of all articles we sell in our consignationsshop.

When one of your products is shipped during this time, we will send you an e-mail and let you know how much shipment is credited to your account. Delivery local: Just insert your articles during the usual opening times, no date is required! We will help you fill out the forms and set off to sell your articles and earn your living!

In case you have to deliver a large number of shipments, we advise you to call us at least one hours in advance. Shipment Consignment: When you are not from Central Ohio or don't make it to our shop to send your articles, you can send your articles to us!

Simply complete the appropriate product information for your products and attach it when you send your products (see delivery details below). If you are sending articles, please refer to the list of articles that we have accepted and do not have. When articles are dispatched, we are not able to screen out those articles that we cannot take for dispatch.

As we only buy products with a retail value of $15 or higher, please remember this when you prepare to send your products to us. When we cannot receive an article you have sent us, you can have it returned or we can give it to The Last Chance Corral.

Would you like to know whether we are accepting certain articles, please call us and we will be pleased to help you! Boat on: Cotter St. List of general articles not taken for dispatch: Objects with corrosion, excess staining, conspicuous odours or damages in need of repair.

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