Used Trail Saddles

Trail Saddles Used

Custom Wyoming Saddlery Wade Gaited Saddle. Billy Cook Western Show used saddle. We at Cactus Saddlery have designed barrel saddles for the best participants in the world. NEU Big Horn Flex Trail Full Quarter Horse Bars. The American Trail Saddle.

Second-hand saddles

As a rule, we have a range of high value used saddles for you to sell. There are a few beginner saddles, trail saddles and show saddles. Please click on each page for more pictures and information about each seat. It' a well-made older Royal. Premium leathers, genuine silvery touches, fully finished.

It'?s a great show- saddle. Very little used, the hide is still like new. A 17 " college near contact seat. Used only for demonstrations and a few sessions. A great nut for someone looking for good value and good workmanship. An eye-catching dark nut with noble silvery and golden panels.

Supplied with back RCA, collar and harness. A great start kit, immediately operational. Original black Eli Miller Trail nut. Front- and backside RCA rigid. A used Australian nut. It' got the low fit and big knuckle rollers that really keep you on your toes. A good beginner's bike at a good value.


Saddler: All saddles produced are suitable for at least a few of them.

If we find these kinds of saddles, new and used, we store them so that we have them at our disposal for our suitable customers. Saddles are not marketed to non-customers. Well, our favorite westerns are: We always have suitable demonstrations and shipments from these saddleries in store to drive and try them out.

Some saddlers are small and very good at making Westernsaddles to order for your horses (JJ Maxwell saddles, Andy Knight, Black Rhino/About the horse, crates, Jeremiah Johnson Flying W, Jeremiah Watt, etc.), due to manufacturing times, costs and/or weights we have only used those if available.

Well-used dressage and trail saddles are also available from us: Albion, Black Country, Borne, Corcoran, County, D & T Butterfly, Dresch, Journey, Lauriche, International Bike, SDL, Custom Saddlery und andere Qualit├Ątss├Ąttel. Horsemen: Not even the best nut will give a problem to a horseman when the equestrian is out of equilibrium.

A trained horseman is just as important as a good tack. It' gonna make a big difference to your goddamn dam! Sattelreparatur: Block changes and small repairs are carried out on English and West saddles.

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