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FAST TROTTING HARNESS IN BROWN COLOUR ("FULL", "COB", "PONY", "SHETLAND"). They will be offered for sale elsewhere and removed upon sale. A single horse shape set, possibly for a buggy or trot gig. The most important example is perhaps the Walsh No Buckle Harness. MANY ARTICLES FOR SALE.

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The Finn Tack Quick Hitch Harness. They are all made of high-grade high-grade high-grade high-grade high-grade steal, with exchangeable inspection hooks, TPU strap holder for low temperature, FT-QH couplings made of high-grade steal, FT form for maximized Komfort for the horses, fully synthetic genuine cowhide for the employment in each case of bad wheather, long-lived, covered belt strap from bioplastics, Tarnsjo genuine on the back of the covered belt hinges for soft hand feeling.

Spring steel-stainless beam is covered by a 5-year warranty.

Made from 80% soundproof, open-cell expanded plastic to help keep down background noises, these earplugs from Walsh are designed to provide protection against hearing loss.

Made from 80% soundproof, open-cell expanded plastic to help keep down background noises, these earplugs from Walsh are designed to protect your ears. The Walsh supports are lightweight and offer a firm hold at the same tim. They are made of high-quality 10 cm width and 180 cm length and come in packages of 2.

The Walsh lash with elastic grip is 120 cm long. Walsh plastic handles have a leather-like grip that is easily cleaned. The Walsh leash is 180 cm long and 2.5 cm broad. The Walsh Horse Post is made of high grade rustproof materials, elastic hoses and a mesh for comfortable riding.

Walsh handles are handcrafted from genuine leathers and high-grade steels.

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If you are the owners of the horses or the riders, buying the right equestrian races equipments and supplies is an important part of that. The Hopple is a kind of harness specially developed for motorsport. They are used in the real races themselves, and not always in all areas of the reg...

A number of hops are clearly labeled for the workout or races, so you want to be sure that you are buying the right hops for your needs. They work well to get the horses ready for the races. The bridle is of different kinds. Others are specially designed for trotting, others for practice or motorsport.

The passport will help to retract the horses, and these can be made of synthetic, non-woven or synthetic material. Forks are part of the fortification set that is part of the race cap (the face masks that go over the horse's face) and a little part for the horse's muzzle.

The things a joyey carries are very important for him to be able to ride in a streamline. Search for certain kinds of caps that are well suited for motorsport, such as brief buckskin and genuine leathers. You will also want to use some kind of protection while you are on horseback, usually in the shape of a waistcoat.

JRA certified jackets, for example, are a good option. They can also consider horse gauntlets for a secure hold during the race.

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