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The used Circle Y Reining saddle is a perfect saddle for the showring and the riding arena! Slightly used Bob's Custom Show saddle, black, seat. Show Shirts, Rodeo Shirts, Men Shirts, Show Jackets, Horse Show, Western Pleasure. If it' s about your saddle, your bridles and more, you deserve an extra advantage. Tailored Western Pleasure (See all Tailored Western Pleasure saddle reviews) Category:

Sattel - Western Pleasure Show Sattel

That' s for a brand-new, full-featured recreational show semitrailer with a lot of sterling silver. Painting doesn't do right by this nut. Buckskin upholstery. These saddles are delivered in a 16" version only. Her granddaughter shows herself in this nut and she always gets a compliment to this nut, because it is a very beautiful, smooth, abundant hide and a very hot look.

If you want to make your mark in the show ring for less cash, you won't go off the rails with this nut. It has a suspension in the rock and a tight fit. 4th fully clad sterling plate half-quarter perch: 16". 29 x 14" long jacket with narrow oesophagus contact: 6. 5" temples: adjustable from 31-38" Weight: 30 pounds.

Insurances are part of all orders, but the buyer is liable for all customs duties, as they are NOT part of the article prices or shipment! 16 " Dakota Saddlery Western Horses Pleasure/ Trail Saddle Model 900P Glass fiber laminated wooden 6 " gulet semi QH Bar 26 " rock 3. "5 "5" 31 pound height this is a really beautiful nut in MINT state!

Sattel was kept in his lounge. You MUST pay for the seat within 3 workingdays of the end of the auctions.

It is a beautiful horse from one of the best saddlers. Fitted and operational, the seat will provide great value for money as it is sturdy and comfortably constructed and really good looking. Well, we had it unchecked and a saddler put on new neckties.

I' ve got a 15-inch fit and I weigh about 38 quid. And my little girl saddled up on that bike. Living and horseback riders in the Colorado mountain range, this semi trail bike is powerful and convenient for both riders and horses for long periods of tough horseback rides. Saddlebags and sleepingbag could be tied and the equipment could be conveniently stored.

It has all the bell and pipes of any Chávez nut, but half the cost. Used by a 5'3-year-old young woman weighing about 107 pounds. A great fitting on the sturdy AQHA-Ggelding, although the chest neck was too small for our big fellow, but the nut fitted perfectly. Lots of space on his shrub.

The Chavez chest collars will come with the saddles. It's a tight fit. It is not possible to send on Saturday, but the seat will be sent within 24 hours after receipt of your money, except Saturdays. Sattel is sent either by Priority Mail or FedEx, whichever is lower. I' ve ordered this seat from Stelzig through; H&H Sattlerei in Lemon Grove.

Until about 15 years ago, when it got too hard for me to lift it (or I got older and got weaker; it's all inventive and I took good care of it), I drove in it solely. There's a fitting chest collar from which a puppy took the lambskin food; under the nut the lambskin is in good condition.

Today you can either go riding in this large riding harness or simply adding it to your family. There'?s no brand on the seat, and the papers are long gone, but I "know" where they came from, I recall the date when the store delivered patterns for my horses, the date it came in, and that it costed me 240 dollars.

I remember that it was made by Stelzig from Oklahoma - and as an 18-year-old young woman who bought her first seat, which had been put in my head for 56 years forever. It' s in really good condition in comparison to those I considered needed, which would be easier for me.

14 " Simco Western Caliper Model #7420 Beautiful well made 7 " esophagus nut. Skin is smooth. There are no cracks in the upholstered seating, the Ralidbaum is massive, the flece is in very good shape, the horns are narrow. A great juvenile riding pad for big horses or big horses! Sattel. High quality vinyl tackle, not inexpensive material Beautiful embossed western leathers pleasure / way / show saddle has silvery ornament.

Upholstered chair with buckskin upholstery. Buffalo Saddlery made this made to measure nut. A lightly used nut that has never been abused. It has been prepared and maintained, and the nut is neat and firm. Comes complete with fitting top piece in full colour matt steel. Nice white buckstitching over 16 " color ebony cowhide 16 " color ebony Western Pleasure caliper with sterling silver trimming fully coated Western Pleasure caliper 16 " color ebony cowhide....

Upholstered suede and leather underside sheepskin in good condition approx. 30 pounds I do not ship outside USA. Sattel is narrow and has no rigidity, no seams cracked or loosened, fleece worn underneath, but very mobile. I' m not sure if it's the riding technique, it has the number 953, which is embossed on the trouser skin, I said it was a pleasure, but it could abseil or show.

Dimensions, the fit from the back of the knob to the seams on the shoulders is 15 3/4" knob is 6. 75" high with the embossed cowhide is 3. 5" from the knob. The temples are made of wood and completely upholstered inside and outside with genuine hide. "8 "8" esophagus with rod spreading 13.

"5 "5" 6 cowhide escutcheons with belts and a belt bolted into the knob with a bow at one end. There are no belts on the bottom... more than both fasteners are metallic, with the front (cinch) having two connections, which I think are made of bras. The metallic belt connection seems to be made of steel (magnetic), which is pulled everywhere (horse camee at the fenders) except for the sewn seats made of brush finished cowhide hide.

A good clean would make this classic bike a beautiful one! That auction is for a very nice one. Easily used 16 Zoll Kreis Y Park and Trail Westernsattel* Absolute Auction-No. Reserve. Circle Y began to use Falide tree, which was a nut made before. Into their Park & Trail saddles. 2305 indicates the 1-indexed type, that the Semi-QHB 60-indexed type, that the 16 -inch diameter is 1-indexed type, that the 95 -indexed type, that the 95 -indexed type was constructed in January 1995, that the 08 -indexed type was constructed in January 1995, that the 08 -indexed type was constructed in January 1995, that the 1 -indexed type was constructed in January 1995, that the 1 -indexed type was constructed in January 1995, that the 1 -indexed type was constructed in January 1995, that the 1 -indexed type was constructed in January 1995, that the 1 -indexed type was constructed in January 1995, that the 1 -indexed type was constructed in January 1995, that the 1 -indexed type was constructed in January 1995, that the 1 -indexed type was constructed in January 1995, that the 1 -indexed type was constructed in January 1995, that the 1 -indexed type was constructed in January 1995, that the 1 -index type was constructed in January 1995, that the 1 -index is constructed in January 1995.

Soft, sleek cowhide that gives you room to move without tying or sticking to your trousers or denim, as is the case with buckskin seating. These saddles showed good signs of use, but were very light... more used. These saddles could fit 2 to 3 years old.

Sturdy, high-quality seat that lasts a whole life long. Those parking and trails saddles. Some of the most reliable and convenient saddles you'll ever drive are the sleek seat leathers. Except for slight wear, the only thing that damaged this nut was the lack of raw cowhide on the horse's back.

15 " vintage SIMCO Western Pleasure Show Saddle Rawhide Covered Tree Semi QH Bars 6" Gullet 26" Rock 3" Cantle Hight 28 Pound Model# 5576 Serial# 177 Here is a REALLY beautiful Simco Show Saddle in perfect condition! Nice black oilskin with beautiful depth treatment to the outside and a cord, which is bordered with silvery apex.

High-quality Silberconchos give the finishing touches! These are predrilled hole in the wrapping to insert a silvery wrapping sheet. However, the nut still suits a BIG HORSE SQUAT! Measure 38" from the centre of the chair to the point where the leg sits in the longest position in the bar.

Simco#5576 in the ticket keepser and 177 in the coat is used. Nut is 100% strong, neat and sturdy. You MUST pay for the nut within 3 workingdays after the auction ends. Handmade Texas Classic Saddlery Western Saddle* Beautiful and light - approx. 26 lb. 16" cushioned plain skin upholstery.

A VERY easy nut to use. Fluffy and neat. The temples are cushioned and coated with buckskin - like new/no traces of use. Brown Tuffy Cowboy Tuff Cinch (brown quality over 1/2 " felt ) Please don't hesitate to ask before you bid. Crawley Western Reining Pleasure Back Pleasure Made by CC Saddlery for Crates Upholstered buckskin fit Measurements 15" Skirt length 27" Cantle is 3" Gullet is 7 1/2" It has Full QH Bar Numbered Stirrup straps The flowery cowhide is trimmed with plain yockey and mudguards.

There' s a silvery lace on the coat. Oesophagus and rock. These shells are made of sterling silver and have a wire border. The horns are covered with a sterling silver cap and raw hide. These saddles are extremly well made and very comfy. It'?s a great reinsaddle. Brown Vintage Premium Western Horse Leather Sattel Horse Riding Amusement Park I only agree with POY PAR.

A FEW ITEMS ARE USED, BUT HAVE BEEN TESTED AS WITH ANY OTHER VINTAGE ARTICLE (IF SPECIFIED), THEY COME WITHOUT WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE, PLEASE ASK EVERYONE? Brown Premium Western Horse Leather Horse Riding Horse riding amusement park sport vinyl. There'?s a used western seat. It' in good used state. It'?s a 17" nut.

I' m sellin' this saddle for a boyfriend. Sattel is a Billy Cook harness - Greenville. Texas barrel (or pleasure saddle) I have added images of every corner I could take in this ad. Rock is about 22", the esophagus is 7" plus, and the fit is 15-15.5. Sattel is available for sale.

The first Arabian Tree Show from Longhorn Saddlery. 16 " fit. Keep always in a cushioned saddlebag in a non-smoking home.

Used only a few time. Charged with sterling. Hardly used western nut with 16" chair, 7" oesophagus, full QH-straps, 26. "5 "5" long and comes with fitting headpiece, rein, chest collars and RCA. Pretty nut for the prize.

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