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Western saddle ads can be found in our category Horses & Ponies. You can browse a large selection of new and used tacks for sale in Georgia.

Sell three western saddles..... Cheap!!!!!

I' ve got 3 used Western saddles for sale. There are two of them are coloured and one is medical grade olive gro. They' a little dirty, but they' re all washed before shipping. But when I purchased these saddles I was informed that they all had 16" seat.

First, there is a rarely used rider pad. It is never used because it doesn't really suit the horses I purchased it for, has really poor typehritis and is usually saddleless anyway. Not much use has been made of this seat because it doesn't really go with my other turn. Used it once on my belgium, so there are some scrapes on it, you should see them in the picture.

Last, but not least, we have my Western Desire Seatet. It' been used a lot. I' ve used it in my horse for velocity shows. I' ve recently quit using it because my horse has put on weight and it doesn't suit him anymore. Semitrailer is delivered with chest collar and bridles, on which the sterling is on.

Used saddle purchase guidelines

If you want to buy a used seat from an existing person or from a dealer selling used saddles, it is a good way to research some important areas of the used seatarket. These instructions for purchasing used saddles will get you on your way to purchasing a used top of the range pad.

First of all you have to know what makes a "good used saddle". "For me, the term "good used saddle" has three main characteristics that I look for when buying a saddle: First thing I look at when looking at a used seat is the seat boom or the chassis on which the seat is mounted.

Saddles with a fractured wood are of no value and very rarely it' rewarding to repair the tre. If that' said, my choice can be made as a first move out of the speaker when the boom is shattered. When pressurized during inspections, the nut should be firmly seated without moving.

When you are not happy to inspect the arbor yourself, I suggest taking it to a saddler you can rely on to have it inspected for you. When you find the boom is broke, I suggest you don't buy the seat. Repairing/replacing a boom is a very costly and labour-intensive task and for most saddles it is not even costly to do.

When the nut is good and firm, then I look next at the make of the nut to sell. Here you will find a lot of information about the qualtity and value of the saddles. When the seat is an American make that you recognise, then you already have an image of the seat's workmanship and can have an image of what it isworthy of.

Normally, if you don't recognise the name of the seat it is probably a cheaper imported seat of lower qualitiy. The saddles are often not very expensive and will probably cause problems with the adjustment of your horses and higher costs of repairs.

These saddles may not have a recognisable name either, but these saddles are often of high qualitiy and can achieve a higher used value if the salesman knows what they are sell. Research here and make sure you know who constructed the seat and what the new retailing costs are so you can make a better choice about the value of the seat used.

Last thing I use to determine if a seat is a good used seat or not is the cost. The cost of used saddles is for most humans more a kind of math than an real one. Mostly the most common used saddles are priced at $500-$600, but this is usually not an exact fairness.

Particularly when it comes to imported saddles, which may have a new sales value of $450.... be sure not to pay too much for a poor grade one. On the downside, many folks don't know how to rate saddles, so sometimes you can find a high-quality customized seat from a lesser-known US manufacturer of customized saddles at a cost far below its real value.

Please note that the purchase of a "good used saddle" depends on your expertise with the products. It' really simple to make a fault and buy a used seat for too much cash with a damaged boom, so you have a seat that is useless and not repairable.

The one thing I always tell my clients is that when they buy a brandnew seat, they don't rip you off because you get exactly what you are paying for. A general guideline is: The more you invest, the better the rider will be.

On the used saddles markets, the cost you are paying for a particular seat and the level of what you get is dictated only by your understanding of what you are purchasing and the individual who sells the seat knows what they are up to. Spend your research and choose the make and type of seat you want to buy.

If you have these particulars, then look for this seat in the store. If you find a suitable seat, do not hesistate to seek help from a trustworthy saddler. I can tell you from a saddler who repairs a lot that we can always tell you which makes produce a top-of-the range work.

Do you have any question or would you like to hear our opinions on a horse? Please send us an e-mail or give us a call. If you are interested in used saddles, this is the first in a range of items that will be our complete instruction to purchase used saddles.

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