Used Western show Saddles for Sale

Second-hand Western Show saddles for sale

Chavez Dale western saddles and tailor-made show equipment. Billy Royal Youth Western Show saddle. Montana used saddlery Custom Western Show/Parade saddle. Saddle Oakridge Company Used Western . There are great offers and sales prices for all western saddlery and accessories.

Blue Ribbon Western Show Saddle 15.5

They have 14 day in which to give back the seat and the running period. This means that you have 4 or 5 workingdays after receiving the seat to "test" and inspect it, then package it and ship it back to us. Keep in mind - the seat must be kept safe and in the state in which it was sent to you when you returned or exchanged it.

If you want your saddles in England, wind your leather in cling film or an old stocking! Don't carry your high boot or chest as they can tag the seat! Always use a pod on all saddles to avoid perspiration *Please do not lubricate or wash the seat unless you are planning to buy it.

Returns of a seat with extra markings or damaged seat - reserve the right to decline the seat refund and invoice the client for the seat (depending on the damage). Most of the time this is really not a big deal - but please take good care of the saddles - they are valuable tens of millions of dollars.

  • Please keep in mind that the saddles have a duration of 14 days. Following the first test phase, all seat purchases are definite! Should you have any queries regarding our trailer inspection policies or the trailer conditions, please contact us with your telephone number and we will be pleased to call you.

In order to send a back to us for a sample, simply get in touch with us to receive your returns number and pack it. The buyer is liable for the reshipment. Returns should be in the same state in which you receive them. Full Payment Full Policy is necessary before a test delivery.

The full amount due will include the cost of the seat and shipment. Payments must be made via Pinnacle Horseware by Visa or MC. Pinnacle Horseware ships saddles via UPS and returns should be made via Fedex or UPS. Of all saddles surrendered via USPS, a $35 charge will be levied.

The purchaser is liable for all damages to the goods, or if the goods are damaged or misappropriated, from the moment UPS lets the seat fall for testing until it is given back to Pinnacle Horseware. Pinnacle Horseware must be notified in written form of any damages caused by the shipment to the test customer when UPS ships the shipment (same day).

The test customer may keep a nut on test for up to 14 workingdays including the period from the date we send the article to you. Once the test has been completed, the test customer must inform Pinnacle Horseware whether the seat should be stored or return. As of the date of the test, the seat becomes the test customer's sole and exclusive possession and no return will be made for any purpose whatsoever.

Unless made in written form by Pinnacle Horseware before testing, there are no exemptions. There is no further charge if the test customer decides to keep the seat. In the event that the Test Customer decides to accept the seat back, the seat back fee will be reimbursed upon receipt of the seat and in the same conditions as when it was dispatched, but all delivery charges will be at the Test Customer's expense. eBay Test Customers must acknowledge the product's receipt on eBay before the reimbursement is made.

In case of loss, theft or breakage of the seat, the full amount is the sole liability of the test customer. In the event that the seat is defective or mutilated, the costs of amortization for damages or defects or repairs will be invoiced, whichever is lower. Free shipped saddles that are shipped back are non-refundable with a $50 surcharge.

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