Used Youth Western Saddle

Second-hand western saddle for teenagers

From barrels, tailors, ranch cutters, rope cutters, ranches, trainers, cleaners or pleasure saddles to your junior and youth saddles, we buy and sell everything. It is not used daily, however. It' hard to find used youth saddles from a quality brand like Genuine Billy Cook. The Cordura Youth Trail Saddle with suede seat and leather jockeys. Shoot Branham Team Roper Shot Branham Coats Team Roping Saddle, Martin Lucero Team Roper This used youth running saddle has broken into and is ready to ride for any child!

Second-hand saddle pick of the week: ? 12 Billy Cook Youth Barrel Saddle

We search the web every weekend looking for a special, succulent deal on a premium used western saddle and present it here on the WSG Saddle Blog. On ebay the presented seats are offered for purchase from the date of contribution. If you visit our pickers every weekend, you will get a good idea of how to buy used seats.

Be sure to click on the current offer to see all the seller's photographs and descriptions. It is recommended that all prospective purchasers exercise their own due care towards the vendor and the saddle prior to purchase. THE LAST WEEK: Last week's selection - a very sound 15 Tex Tan Hereford Trail Saddle - ended up being a damn good deal for some happy shoppers.

The winner still ended with 16 commandments and paid only 285 dollars for this beautiful saddle - a great deal. We found a true gem this weeks - a difficult to find Original Billy Cook (Sulphur, OK) Youth Saddle. The saddle is a 12? Billy Cook Barrel Saddle and it is a great little adventure.

It' difficult to find used youth trekking shoes from a top class label like Genuine Billy Cook. This saddle has basketwork tools, rugged mudguards and jockeys and a buckskin saddle-suit. There is an amort ised reparation on a mudguard, but although unsightly (you could let a pro do a better repair) it does not impair the saddle's rigidity.

It would be a great saddle for a young horsewoman, especially one who competes. This saddle, like last week's gemstone, generates some low price bidding. Have a look at other Billy Cook Tex Tan saddles that you can buy in our saddlestore.

Second-hand youth saddle (13")

The used youth saddle has broken into and is prepared for every child to use! Raised and rough seating yokeys and mudguards keep you safe while you drive, while the leather -trimmed bugle provides support. This is a great saddle for every little drum rider! Call our saddle expert at 1-800-222-4734 if you have any further queries about this used saddle!

The PFI saddle contentment warranty is on all our products. If you take your saddle home with you, horse it for 2-4 hrs, and if for any reasons it does not suit all your needs, it can be given back or replaced with another saddle of your choosing within 30 workingdays of the purchase.

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