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Yours is the best friend for pet supplies. To make sure your business is ahead of the game, visit Valley Pet Supply, LLC. Ensure that the animal you are visiting receives the right neonatal supplements in Lake Zurich, IL.

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Wellcome to the Valley Pet Supply website. Here is Valley Pet Supply to help your clients find the newest member of their families and keep their current members of their families happy and well. For over 45 years, Valley Pet Supply has been the proud market leading company in supermarket petcare profit maximization.

We' ll help you ensure that you benefit from the animal husbandry trend and buying pattern that drives your clients to shop in your shop for all their animal needs. "Parents of pets" are treating their animals as members of the immediate families. That means that many home animal items are no longer regarded as secretive, but are on the grocery lists of the families.

At Valley pet supplies, we believe we're always one step ahead to satisfy your customers' needs. Our expertise, know-how, staff members and relations with suppliers enable us to keep your pets in your business.

Distribution partner for animal products

We are here to inform and assist you about all our brand names. Our obsession is to offer high-quality pet care and care solutions - whether fuzzy, feathery or refined. This means coveted brand names, more opportunities and innovation that you won't find anywhere else. Our nationwide distribution system enables us to supply the healthiest and most unique product to most regions of the US continent within two business day.

Our top priorities are to make sure that our animals lead happier and healthier lifes. That is why we provide the highest brand value. Accept the capacity to take car of needy domestic animals as we do for our own. There are many animals in need of special attention, and our knowledge, dedication and voluntary attitude can help.

Combining trustworthy brand names and dedicated retail partners, we believe that animals are part of the household.

Animal feed, consumables and pharmaceuticals

Animal Nutrition, Supplies & Pharmaceuticals: Page. Animal Nutrition: Animal Nutrition in store. line is particularly effective in resolving some frequent ailments, some of which include, but are not restricted to, frequent medicinal ailments: Diabetics, allergic Dermatitis, Eastern Oarthritis, diarrhoea, nausea, blockage, tooth decay, fatty degeneration and foods related diseases. A constant range of water and water based product options is available, which includes but is not restricted to:

Assists in controlling your dog's diabetic condition. Aids in allergic dermitis, itching and irritation of the epidermis.

Assists in controlling symptom associated with renal disease and urethral infection. Assists in controlling your cat's diabetic condition. Help your puppy with the arthrosis symptom. Help your kitten to recuperate from stomach upsets such as blockage, nausea, diarrhea and loss of appetite. Does not help your kitten to get better. Help your pets prevent dental calculus, gum disease, halitosis, and loosing your natural tooth structure.

The veterinarians were also very excited by the effectiveness, value and security of the Hills Prescription Diet line, which can help with ailments that include but are not restricted to: adiposity, gastro-intestinal problems, urinary stone, allergy and diabetic disorders. Our constant care is maintained: Aids in the symptom of nephropathy.

Help to keep your cat's bladder healthy. Chewing calcium-phosphorus and vitamins preparation for canines. Domestic animal need: Ticks, fleas and pest control: Those commodities should be seen as an added complement and second line of defence against insect-borne disease. However, you can help combat bugs in your home and farm and keep them from disturbing you and other members of your household, as well as your animals.

Veterinary hygiene: For over sixty years, this tried and trusted formula has prevented dog sores, hotspots and other areas that require uninterrupted recovery from leaks. These shampoos have been shown to be very efficient in alleviating this disease in canine and cat use. Contains naturally occurring substances to soothe your pet's pruritus and irritable skins.

Reduce odours and help avoid ear infection in your pets. Rinsing and care products. Keeping your pet's fur in good health, slippery and neat between dips. Secure but effective bactericidal cleaning cloths for cat and dog with bacteria infected. Occurrences occur, but you can efficiently eliminate the marks and odours associated with these incidents with this one.

Canine Calming Pheromone: Help stop puppy and grown dog distress or distress related behaviour such as destruction, baying, house pollution, storm and storm phobia. Can also help with panic related to travel, adoptions and new surroundings. Some of our sufferers have said that this drug is efficient and has reduced distress in their pets.

DAP for cats, this formulation decreases the stresses and behaviour of the cats associated with spray (although the only true means is spraying), scraping and itchiness. Your cat's fear can be reduced in times of great strain such as a move, renovation, arrivals or the birth of a new one.

Like DAP, our sufferers have said that this drug is efficient in alleviating fear in their cat. Fragrant care aerosol for simple cleaning of pets' fur. Gives the fur of the domestic animal shine and smoothness, what facilitates the cleaning and deodorizes at the same with it. Everyone who is acquainted with kittens knows how much they like running waters.

These wells encourage your cat to be more frequent at drinking and filter out impurities such as dirt, foods and fibres that can contaminate trays of running waters. Developed to help prevent the build-up of plaque and to help maintain healthy gums. Why could something so easy be so efficient? Over three thousand animal keepers have certified that the Thundershirt significantly reduced restlessness and fear in the dog, and was inspiration for the work of Temple Grandin, the renowned animal behaviour researcher who published a February 2014 Journal of Veterinary Behavior article on the effectiveness of the Thundershirt.

Ideal for pet owners who are excited by veterinarians, guests and noise. In the run-up to the event, we provide a constant flow of preventive medication for heart worm, flea fleas and ticks. Veterinarians have found the following ingredients to be efficient and safer for most pets:

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