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Delivered by Valley Vet to my riding school.

Horse are stunning beasts. Valley Vet Supply in Marysville, Kansas is one of my favourite places for good deliveries of high value. Valley Vet Supply was founded in 1985 by two vets and is focused on delivering top of the line product to the dog, cat, horse and farm animal markets. Recently they sent us a shipment with many tooling, additions and other equipment for my horse.

While my Frisians are well looked after, it is also reassuring to know that Valley Vet Supply is held by licenced vets who take great pride in the excellence of their work. Since some of my stallions do not carry horseshoes, these are a good choice for a ride on the yard. This is Sarah love this saddlecloth.

It is the Western Therapeutic Warth Therapy Saddle Pad from Back on Track USA. It is made of a combination of polypropylene and modern Weltex fabrics enriched with ceramics powders to capture the horse's own heat. This pad sits so well under the seat and is ultralight. They are also loved by Sarah because they are very long and do not cause friction on the horse's back.

And these girths keep your harness pressed evenly across the whole RCA to keep the seat tight and the horses comfy. Therapeutic Thermotherapy Neth esis Therapeutic Neth esis Therapeutic Neth esis Therapeutic Neth esis Therapeutic Mesh Sheets - breathing net fabrics with lightweight fabrics. They have been developed to mirror the horse's own bodily temperature and produce a calming infra-red temperature that can help relieve pains associated with inflammatory or aching muscle and joint conditions.

Sara says the ponies really felt better after being carried for a few long ours. I like to have my asses and my ponies playing. Dual grips allow more than one stallion to drag together. Brilliant colours make this equestrian plaything conspicuous. In the meantime, Sarah is preparing food supplement for the ponies in my stables.

Every equestrian receives a multitude of vitamines and mineral nutrients so that he feels and looks well. These large purpose-built pots are used to blend the dosage of each animal - each tray is labelled correctly so there is no mess about which supplement goes into which tray. Used in combination with other tried and tested joint-improving compounds, it is found to provide the greatest benefits for the equine.

This is the only common equine healthcare that uses 100 percent vegetable CM. It provides all lipid and watersoluble vitamines, chelating micronutrients, chelating agents, elctrolytes, amino acid and Probiotika. Sara blends all dietary supplementation with the favourite seeds of the horse. So Sarah keeps them in one of the containers until they're fed.

I always have my horse looking so fit and beautiful!

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