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Equestrian Valley View, Payson, UT. The Valley View Equestrian is an English riding and training facility located in Payson, Utah. Valley View Equestrian Center in Stillwater is a private riding farm that offers riding instruction, horse training and riding services for horse owners and enthusiasts. Her daughter will love Valley View Equestrian Camp for Girls.

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Our horsemen and our dressage team are as important to us as we are to our horsemen. The development of a powerful partner with your stallion demands diligence, rigour and work. Equestrian sport is one of a kind because of this relation between equestrian and equestrian. We' re in west mountain, Utah, just to the west of Payson. Should you have any queries about the programme, please do not hesitate to email Head Trainer Kate Healey by pressing the following number.

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Learn or refine your Grand Prix skills and come to Valley View! We are not only passionately interested in horse breeding and horse back-riding but also passionate about having a good time with our work! Trainings, hospitals, USDF-approved shows, school shows, West German style shows, working ridings, studios, weekly classes, individual and group classes, trekking tours, drilling teams, free style Friday, courses from target to weaving!

The VVEC is one of the best educational institutions in the Middle West. Founded over 40 years ago, we are very skilled in taking good care of your specialist horses. There is also ample room for driving, secure switches and convenient snowboarding shelters. No matter if you have to take your horses here for a few and a half weeks or longer, you will be pleased to know that they receive a lot of attentiveness and extraordinary upkeep.

The VVEC is a centre for vocational instruction in the field of advanced level riding. Our trainings are good for every horseman and every horseman. It is an outstanding riding school for all age groups and youngsters, which today also encompasses West European riding and work. Our heart is our dedication and our passions.

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Nice permanente stands are 10 x 10 or bigger with full door. There are no tackle stands available, but there is room for tacks next to the stands. Independent campervans are welcome to use the site for parking. From Highway 51 and Fairgrounds Rd, head southwards to 56th St. Take the westbound turn on the number 56 and drive to York Rd (1 1/10 miles).

Drive on York Rd northbound at the sign: dressage Valley View. Or from Hwy 33 and Fairgrounds Rd heading N to Rd 56 and then westwards as described above to signposted.

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