Vegan Horse Tack

Vegetarian horse bar

I am a pretty serious diet vegan and started thinking about limiting or eliminating new leather purchases. Driver Testimonials To me, the code of ethics is the way we treat our livestock - the way they are bred and butchered. Because of the unsustainable nature of the global meats sector in the coming years, we have all made the deliberate choice to make changes.

I' m not trying to convert, but the fact is that in North America in particular a big shift could be made if everyone would agree to be vegan even for one full vegan night a week or to begin with one full vegan dinner a whole vegan night a whole vegan night. Because most North Americans eat their meats at all three times - and the amount of ground and seaweed ( not to speak of polluting gases) needed to help these livestock farms - has a major impact on the natural world.

I am embarrassed to acknowledge that for the most part I have lived in negation, with the view that only I who changes my habit will not make a distinction. As a byproduct of the beef and veal sector, however, it has already experienced a massive worldwide reduction in production capacity.

In North America there are hardly any Ledergereien at all; when we came from Europe in the middle of the 80's, there were still good 10 to 15 to get our tan. We now get almost 100% from Europe's tanners, as there is no one else on this planet to provide us with the level of service we need for our high-end products.

How can we reuse this hide because we know where it comes from and probably how the livestock that supply it were kept and butchered? Switching to would-be "vegan" vendors (i.e. with Skype (vinyl) or imitation leathers - some of which are phenomenonally near the surface and material ) creates a completely differentilemma.

Eventually at least leathers will cease to have their origin and revert to the world around them. There is a firm () that has begun to make "leather" from pineapples (), but unfortunately they are not willing to produce the right products to make them. Currently their "leather" is only used for wallets and furnishings, but we keep them on our Radar.

Naturally, wetsuit saddles have been on the shelves for a long time and have their advantages and disadvantages - but I seriously believe that this will be the way the sector will go in the next 50 or so years.

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