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The size, choice of material and thickness of the horse deck are very important. Inexpensive horse blankets Of course we have cheap horse blankets in stock. divestment We sell equestrian clothing and gear at competitive rates. Here you will find everything from switch carpets and cool boxes to show coats and equestrian shoes. Our sales channels are dependent on stock available.

There are also women's jodhpurs, bonnets, bridles and barn rugs on our menu.

We are proud dealers of top quality labels like Ariat, Horseware, Pikeur, Equiline, Mountain Horse, Tredstep and Schockemohle Sports. Please contact our kind staff if you have any questions about the offered items. Buy now in our approval area and we can ship your order anywhere in the world.

Dealing with Pesky Blanket & Rug Wreckers

How come our ponies don't realize that everything we do is for their own good?! So we slam a beautiful new soft cover or stall cover on them and they choose that they know best and would rather try to rip it off. This not only destroys the good work you do for your horse's health, it can also be costly!

It' s hard to know what to do when you have a carpet breaker (a word that has been shaped by the beautiful folks at Weatherbeeta), because there can be many causes for it, and it can be annoying when nothing seems to work. A way to protect your horse's carpet is to put an older carpet on it that you don't have to worry about being destroyed.

However you might need to get a slightly bigger size, and make sure it is a light horse blanket so they don't get too hot and they won't limit their motion. Is there a possible medical problem? It is always important to consider whether there is a medical problem when playing with them.

As an example, munching and occlusion on their blankets could be a symptom of tooth trouble. So, if you find that your horse has become a carpet breaker, it may be rewarding to get the veterinarian out just to be on the safe side. This is because your horse is not used to carrying a carpet.

They may take a while to get used to carrying an additional shift, so it's a good idea to hang around for a while to see if they've gotten used to it. Are you horse tired? Carpets are seen by some people as a sport and they think it's great to tear off the carpet you just bought for your work.

It may not be a problem for your horse to wear a cover, but it may not be carrying the false cover. Now they won't worry about what make you buy, of course, but they will take charge of the weights and the shape of the bed. Look at our guidelines below for more tips on how to buy the right carpet for your horse: this isn't really a viable option, but if your horse is a normal carpet breaker, it might be rewarding to stick with cheap carpets until you stop - and if they don't stop, it will be less expensive.

That might seem a little inconsistent, considering the above point, but you could also try to use a better crossover or a solid one. That won't really stop them from destroying it, but a better ceiling could last longer than a less costly one. You have the option of buying lower-priced or less costly ceilings.

All the Weatherbeeta Cloths (as shown below) are of outstanding qualitiy and are suitable for both those with and without Weatherbeeta. A number of horse lovers like to use a kind of dog parlor to prevent them from ripping off their muzzles. It is an optional feature, but remember that not all ponies appreciate carrying one, and you must be aware that it does not affect their capacity to over-grow.

There is a lot of information about the use of the muzzle, the right size, etc., so that you can choose whether or not it is right for your horse. When you have a scouts through some of the horse forum on the web, you will see some folks who suggest that you use a spicy chili dressing or an unpleasant option to prevent the horse from drawing on its ceiling.

The digestion system of your horse is very sensitive and the use of spicy chilli can interfere with this - just like here! But you know your horse better than we do - if it works for you and your horse has no side effect, the choice is yours.

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