Vintage English Saddle

English Vintage Saddle

Crosby English Horse Vintage Riding Saddle. Shopping and learn more about vintage and antique saddles. Search related topics Ancient highback saddle by Otto Ernst from spring 1900 - Sheridan, Wyoming. is used. A well made older used westernsaddle is for selling - made in the USA, but without manufacturer's brand.

The saddle specifications here are 22. 15 " hide seats. We are auctioning for an ancient couple of massive and unusual saddle posts made of diecasting.

Punched Bona Allen saddle. Ancient state. It'?s hard. It'?s hard. Need some care. Ancient A. Stelzig Saddle Cowboy 1890-1926 Western Houston Texas 14" Very very nice old saddle, a true part of American cowboy-story. This saddle is well made, some cracks in the leathers, the folded raw hides in the trees are still thick, the wools on the ground should be substituted.....

TEXTA'S HANDMADE MARKED COWBOY SADDLE BY BOCK STIENER OF AUSTIN,TEXAS. BOCK WAS ONE OF THE BEST SADDLERS IN THE WORLD. THIS SADDLE IS OLD, BUT STRONG. THE SADDLE HAS A MUCH OF EYE GREAT AND IS..... lambswool on the bottom is in good state. The whole hide is in good shape and not damaged wherever I saw it.

Completely ancient. It'?s hard. It'?s hard. Need some care. Ancient saddle for sell. There is a descriptive text on the picture from the antiques shop where it was bought as a present for me. At the moment have too many seats and need to reduce my library to really use them ..... The saddle is in an astonishing state and has been in my home for years, it has not been on a saddle since my father had it renovated 30 or so years ago.

The lot contains a fantastic antique leather saddle with decorated works in western flower designs. Mr. Nelson nummered his calipers on the back of the cape - this is Saddle #41 from 1938 (4138 is printed on the back of the cape above the manufacturer's stamp). Long-6-1/4 inch High Cantl-13 inch It is identified o.....

1890's child's saddle. Bought a few years ago in Montana in an antiques shop. It is in a very good state without any tears or visible damages. This wonderful old Highback 15" Ranch collector's saddle is for selling in very good working order. 5 1/2 Zoll Kantel 16 Zoll Swelling quick change buckle coarse fleece....

You are in good shape, do not fall apart, your leathers are still flexible. Rare Rhodes Giants 20" SWELL Antique Cowboy Saddle Rare Rhodes Saddle Made! Said the sample was characteristic of the manufacturer RHODES. This saddle is uniquely made by the enormous 20" waves. The saddle was also known as the Bear Trap Saddle.

Amazingly large requirement for the apparent old age. The article is in good state. The saddle for selling is an ancient side saddle - made in the USA. The saddle details are on the bottom of the fabric. It'?s a great old saddle from the 18th century. The saddle has an unusual form and an unusual style.

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