Wahl Horse Grooming Kit

Choice of horse care set

Wahl's Deluxe Essentials Grooming Kit contains all the basic tools you need to care for your horse and make it look its best. Wahl's Deluxe Essentials Grooming Kit contains all the basic tools you need to trim and shorten your horse easily to make it look good. Buy online at your choice in our Combs & Brushes department. Choice Stable Pro Plus Clipper, bruise.

Eluxe Deluxe Basic Care Set

Wahl's Deluxe Essentials Grooming Kit contains all the essential utilities you need to maintain your horse and make it look its best. Designed for trim the bridles, cuffs, face and ear, the Show Pro Plus Media® Plus MC kit can even do easy clippings!

All the BONUS maintenance utilities that come with your set! Choosing Stiff Brush moves silt, perspiration, filth and bristles to give your horse a glossy fur, while choosing Mähne & Schweifbürste Mähne & Schweif softly untangles the male and the other. Super Pocket Pro Trimmer can be hidden entirely in the Palm for a fast repair of the ear and face.

Professional Animal Deluxe Essentials Horse Grooming Kit Show Pro Plus for cleaning, trim & easy bodyclipping #9482

With a 2-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction warranty, choice guarantees longevity, security and dependability. Let your horse look like it has been cared for by a professional! The Deluxe Basic Grooming Kit contains all the necessary equipment and instructions! The Show is a full horse clip kit with the Show Plus medium-duty clip for quick, reliable and silent use.

At 7,200 spms, an enhanced, progressive, patented electro-magnetic super-shunt engine is efficient yet silent enough for noise-sensitive riders. a long-lasting shearing machine with high efficiency, variable cone checker; with a 2 year restricted warrenty. The set also includes the Super Pocket Pro Trimmer for fast and simple repairs, a rigid bodily scrubber for brushing away cut ends and a maned and tailed scrubber.

In addition, you will receive the DVDs "How to groom" and "Desensitizing your horse" for clip supports, cutting oils and brushes to keep your clippers up and running.

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Premium members receive FREE two-day mail-order and free online delivery of royalty-free content including TV shows, films, TV shows, genuine sound and Kindle book. Professional animal choice. The Face Brush removes softly the soiling from the smaller areas of the horse's hair and brings out the lustre in the fur of your horse. Animal grooming and grooming is not only very advisable before pruning and trim your horse, but also regularly to keep your horse's fur sound and trim.

Comes with a convenient elastic handle for a pleasant care for you and your cats. The Stiff Body Brush's patent-pending ergonomically shaped construction makes it easy to hold and will fit in almost any stable user's arm. Choice (R) Face Brush New soft elastic handle to fit any palm-sized.

The new, patent-pending, ergonomically designed and elegant system is easy to use. Comfortable handle and comfortable handle fit snugly into the palms of the hands. Removes friable debris and delicate locks of bristles Size: 6. 25" x 2. 5" x 2" What other products do consumers buy after looking at this one?

Gripped by the" handle", the elastic band sits comfortably in the palm of your hands and is easily gripped. The brush is smooth and protects the horse's face. Light, non-slip feel. Lies well in my hands and is excellent for scrubbing my horse face. It' so perfectly suited to the face of a horse.

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