Walking Horse Bits for Sale

Horseracing Bits for sale

These are Gaited Bridle Horse dentures. This is the most humane of all "gaited" bits imo. Can be used for English western and saddle seats, it is very difficult to sell. Fixed Coronet Cheek Low Port Walking Horse Bit. The Coronet bits are made of the finest materials with a complete range of English bits.

We are the originals of most of our offered horse bit designs, spores and buckles.

We are the originals of most of our offered horse teeth, spores and bucklestyle. We' re also the designer of the Grissom Lite Lail Brace, as well as the steel and flax spores we are selling. We have a worldwide reputation for our capability of reconstructing both manufacturing and manufacturing equine teeth.

We' re also proud of the fact that ninety per cent of the World Grand Champions in the travelling horse sector have won with a Grissom dentures and a Grissom Lite Teeilrace. Situated in the middle of Middle Tennessee's Hiking Horse Land, we produce many horse parts and horse specialties for various other horse races, also to supply you with the desired horse teeth, spurs or cock clamps.

They can be sure that every horse drill, every individual horse drill, every spore or cock strut is manufactured with the greatest care and tested and dispatched in the USA. Contrary to many major retail companies such as Smith Brothers and Dover Saddlery, our items are handmade in the USA.

Adventure owned by a Tennessee Walking Horse

The Tennessee Walking Horse is a quiet, soft and friendly, submissive horse that does not need a complex biting tool. An easy joint with small shaft and a small rein is enough to handle most walking mares, even the best of them. A shaft is enough to keep the rein away from the forehead and prevent it from disturbing the movement of the sitter.

The bridle (direct bridle from the bit) tends to over-bend it during tuning, and since a walking horse is moving a little quicker than a beginner is used to, the horse pulls on the bridle and avoids the horse to nod properly. Soon, the horsemen realize that they now have a Racing Horse instead of a Walking Horse.

Unfortunately, this is something that new horsemen seem to have to find out the tough way. If the horse doesn't nod, it won't work!

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