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This is my first walking pony toy with plush pony: Let your child have his very own charming pony running next to him, making sounds and music! Walking My Walking Pony Walk Along Toy Stuffed Pony Toy Walk Along Along Pony, push button on the leash and the pony will go with your child! Often purchased together This is my first walking pony toy with soft pony: Let your kid have his very own charming pony running next to him making noise and soundtrack! Push the knob on the leash: the pony goes with your baby! Have your baby go for a stroll with his pony on a fleecy lead, perfectly for them.

When the pony is walking along, it makes genuine equestrian noises, just like the original! It will also make great fun tunes to go along with. Sizes: Pony height: 11", line is 29" long. The pony does nothing but shake! That little pony is cute.

She was so nervous to have this pony that it worked for 5 min and then stood still. Perfect.....I purchased the same item for my one-year-old grandchild who broken it in two weeks...it was a present we got from San Antonio...I didn't think I could change it...you spared me the delivery and covered the costs.

Terrific item, infants loved it!

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? Perfektes Design: Superb fur coat, padded fur coat, padded fur coat, padded fur coat, padded rechargeable batteries under the stomach. Children will certainly adore the cosy fluffy toy in its brilliant chestnut brown colour and golden hair and cock. Ideal for muddy embraces and long play, this fluffy toy is a great one.

Manufactured from fluffy material. Make from a flawless child companion, sweet, amusing, charming and a very useful anniversary present or for your very own little one. Push the knob on the lead and the pony dances, walks and plays amusing soundtrack. Smooth and durable bodyshell. It' perfectly suited for my little pony enthusiasts.

Premium brand fluffy cuddly toy. Bangs height: 11", line is 29" long.

Walking Pony Along Walking Toy Stuffed Pony Toy, Realistic walking action with horse sounds and music (colors may vary)

It is our goal to show you exact information about our products. That'?s what I got for my five-year-old grandchild for Christmas. Even though it can be quite irritating for grown-ups, she really liked it! Horses are sweet, walking and acting is also a lot of pleasure. It' for my 14-month-old grandchild, and she was in love with it!

Everybody has... even grown-ups! This is a wonderful stallion I purchased for my three-year-old grandchild and it is really charming. He goes, singing, dancing and shaking his ass. Obtain detailed information about this item from clients who own it.

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