Warmbloods for Sale

warm-blooded animals for sale

TOP-HUNTER'S PERSPECTIVE FOR SALE. Wellcome to our sales page. Purchase expressive Bavarian warmblood horses from breeders and individuals. Every year we offer a selected number of our talented young Frisian and Dutch warmblood athletes and broodmares for sale. Forteuny ("Fortuny" by Furstenball x Grafenfels x Ludendorff) - Young dressage horse for sale:

EDS summer: Nice ambience and a keen audience

This object at auctions brought the DVB Foundation 1,400 euros. Over half of the colts were for sale at a cost of over 10,000 euros. We had an annual turnover of 12.950 Euros per filly. Incognito junior horse No. One SB became the bestseller of the evening, the magnificent prancing horse changed owners for 41.000 Euros and goes to Italy.

Seductive Nikson W (Ebony x Blue Hors Zatchmo) scored 28,000 euros and remains in the Netherlands. Selling for 17,000 euros. And Noran (Geniaal x Apache) goes to Thailand, the lucky customers will concentrate on the game. Nash Sollenburg (Stiftung x Vivaldi) moved to Dubai for 17,000 euros. Nickelson (Vivaldi x Charmeur), the excellent movers, will move to the German stables for 12,000 Euros.

PREMIERE US breeders of denish warmbloods

Leading breeders of danisian warmbloods in the United States! Our belief is that the horse you find anywhere in the wide range of the globe can keep up with the horse's qualities. Have a look at our sales ponies or come and see us. We burst at the seams with first class salesporses from our successfull breed-programme.

Hopefully you will find your next affiliate here!

Bespoke foal sale explained.....

Bespoke foals for sale explained..... If you buy a stallion this way, you can select which of our studs will be raised with one of our broodmares for your very personal request. If the filly looses the filly or if something happens to the filly during your foaling, we will re-breed for you at no additional cost OR we will pay already made transfers to another foal/horse that we offer for sale.

Please go to the page for broodmares to select a filly with which you can begin your individual foaling schedules. It is an appealing alternative for many customers, as the payments offered by us can range from 6 to 24 month.

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