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warm-blooded animals for sale sa

The sale of warmblood horses participating or not yet participating in the competition must be accompanied by papers and vaccinations. Cultivation dressage eventing show jumping. For rent / sell horses in Stellenbosch, thumbnail. Kennel, Dressage, Show, SA, POA. SA Warmbloods, bred for both competition and temperament.

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You Chances to Own a Chocalate Dun Drift No. 1 DUN Drift No. 1 Dunilly, birth on March 19, 2017. She' s from our Frisian X-colour Maré Tina and from our marvellous Clydsdale / warm-blood / Boerperd stud trucker. She' gonna be a really cute, big, tough, tight fuck. Breathtaking filly, bred on July 1st 2017 out of the Frisian Boerperd Maré Rhino and our breathtaking Clydsdale, warm -blooded, Boerperd colt Trucker.

It will be a big, strong filly that will make a breathtaking all-rounder. Also will be an excellent meal Maré. Breathtaking Filly, foal out of the Frisian Boerperd Maré Rhino and our breathtaking Clydsdale, warm -blooded, Boerperd colt Trucker, bred on July 1st 2017. It will be a big, strong filly that will make a breathtaking all-rounder.

Also becomes an excellent Brut Maré. He' s with the gorgeously beautiful Irish Flame out of the Bistro Belle. The motion of this kid will make the warm-blooded man cry! 10-year-old Irish warm blood x tuberculosis for half the rent at Summerveld. R1600 3 or 2 day per workweek.

warmbood breed 2,5 years old will be easily supported when he is old enough, as he is already used to a calf & bridles - completely desensitised. BREATHTAKING MOVEMENT! Cause for sale:


The Albi Stud Breeder of Europe Warmbloods in the "cradle of mankind", at the bottom of the Swartkop. There is a small selection of brood mares used with import and native sperm from some of the best stallions in South Africa and Europe. Young-stock for sale. Arion Waremblood Horses & Dressage Academy Area is a small facility in the province of Freestate, in South Africa, 5 km outside the city of Christiana, between Kimberley and Bloemfontein.

Jaco & Magda Fourie take on the two major goals of Areion: the raising of high-quality warm-blooded ponies for horse riding and the education of youngsters. A small grower of warm-blooded animals from Europe with mainly import breeds and a focus on the Hannoverian race-typ.

Sporty kennel for the production of competitive ponies for all events. Warmblood Bevlin strives to create warm-blooded studs in Southern Africa with good temper, color and good movements, which are suited for training and jumping. Saratoga Mr.Bojangles has astonishing blood lines, charm, presence, skill and spirit. Young-stock for sale.

Breeder of Warmbloods. Presents several studs, among them Brandenburg Clifton, Clarinius, Land Earl, Sebastiaan, Colbert and Ruben. It is located in Fort Nottingham in Kwa-Zulu Natal with a Vaal River in Gauteng. Not only do we raise warm-blooded horse, we also raise first-class sports ponies from tried-and-tested import sires and the best imports.

Over the years, the descendants and descendants of our horses can be found in the domestic and foreign arenas. Breeder of Warmbloods. In addition, he has Callaho's Wenckstern, who is currently in Germany and competes in Europe. Numerous types of sperm are also used. It is located in the Free State near Christiana.

The Camden stud Camden Stud & Welcome Inn Guest House is a small and private estate on a quiet Eastern Cape estate, 4 km from the ocean and only 12 km from East London. Breeder of Warmbloods. At present the importation of Armani, Capriccio and Ullior van the Wuitenshof.

It is in the Skeerpoort Tal. Grower of Warmbloods. Presents the approved colt Thaddaeus and a number of young sires. Dominey Alexander runs the Johannesburg estate. Growers of warm blooded horses from Europe with the goal of producing a contemporary sports horses especially for them.

It' a Devon Valley ranch, Stellenbosch. Breeder of Warmbloods. At present the studs Sandor, Davenport Barcelona, Whittaker and San Alarco. It' in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Emphasis of the breed programme is on show jumper, but the stallion stable has also bred some beautiful youngsters.

Youngtstock for sale. The Irish Sport Horse Gestüt with the stallions Rebel Assault (ISH), Silver Pride (RID) and Battle Chant XX. It is situated near Potchefstroom. You also have a choice of new shares for sale. The Fleur de Lys Gestüt is situated in Centurion, South Africa. It is our aim to produce high class European warmblood sport horse from the best bloodlines available in Europe.

Our selection of certified top class broodmares is limited to a small group of licensed broodmares, bred according to temper and achievement. Breeder of Warmbloods. Beau Veneur and Larry de la Beyere Last Ste are currently located. Young-stock for sale. This is a small mare farm that concentrates on the ideal filly, breeder of the finest warm-blooded foals, suitable for all events.

Breed sporty riding sports horse with willing temperament and proper exterior for all events from our colored Dutch warmblood sire. Numerous young talent for sale. Breeder of Warmbloods. At the moment the young colt Branic Bellini D'or is out. The Kellow Park Stud, based in Johannesburg, was founded in 2001.

Youngtstock for sale. Ilrish Draught & Irish Sport Horse Gestüt with the colt Etherow Impasse(RID). It is situated in Johannesburg. You also have a choice of new shares for sale. Breeder of Warmbloods. At present the young sires Lorelock Rivatello d'Or and Brandenburg Prince Fyodore are present. It' s in the northwest.

Young-stock for sale. Grower of European and coloured warmbloods. There are three young studs at the Gestüt (including a Cremello stallion). Young-stock for sale. Our goal is to produce first-class warm-blooded ponies with an outstanding exterior, an outstanding pedigree and the most important sane, lucky ponies. It is our goal to grow a large, skeletal, accurate and strong equine with sophistication, qualitiy and presentness that can stand the prevailing southafrican circumstances.

They have a quiet temper and an elastically well-balanced gait, and pay careful heed to the accuracy of their extremities. Breeder of warmbloods. Dageraad Axel stands and uses KWPN stallions' sperm. It is located near Robertson on the Cape. Breeder of Warmbloods. At present Milan and Wachman III.

Gestüt Pohlands has set itself the goal of breeding sporty, tenacious and healthy show jumpers that are suited for training, events and show jumps. It' a farmstead on the Eastern Cape. Young-stock for sale. Principal Stud strives to produce warmbloods of extraordinary qualities from a powerful import line and succesful sportspathorses. Our rigorous choice of studs is based on powerful, internationally approved Holstein, Hannoverian and Netherlandish studs, who are at the top of their game.

We focus on broodmares from top broodmares to international successes and our own import studs on pedigree temperature, riding ability, flexibility and temper. It is our aim to create the necessary qualities to create extraordinary winner-doers. Cattery Razdi with good temper and good movements, mainly for training and jumping.

Rubin, importet from Germany, is our stud. In 2003 we began breeding. The Rivendell Stud aim is to raise and raise a typical and healthy youngster, with an extraordinary temper and great rider. 6km from Rosetta Village at KZN Midlands Rivervale Stud are pads that lead down the hillside to Spring Grove Dam.

At present we have both domestic and foreign studs and a wide range of spermatozoa. Rivivervale Stable provides AI service, livecovers, monitoring of foal breeding and the rearing and care of young animals. We treat our clients' ponies with personalisation. Breeder of Warmbloods. At present, Carrick and Saratoga Waldemar also stand import frostbitten seeds.

It is located in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands. Young-stock for sale. The Taba Stud Taba Varmblood, founded in 1997, is located between Kyalami and the Magalies Bergen +- 15 min by car from the CEP. The mares are made up of all the pedigree imports, mainly Hanoverians, Holsteins and Selle Frances. It is a nightmare to grow a magnificent sniffing, dancing warm blood that can hover above the ground and take your breaths away.

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