Water Horse Toy

Toy for water horse

<font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents A cute collector's item for every horse fanatic, fan of the Water Horse film.

Discs Special Edition) & Plush Crusoe Toys

In 2001, the two victories of The Fellowship of the Ring and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone alarmed the studio that there was an audiences for well-made phantasy movies and a series of beautifully budget movies followed. Although phantasy movies were quite common in the 80s, they had almost vanished for a while....

One of the best of them, the Water Horse hit just the right note between humour and play, with the crusoe of Angus, the main protagonist called Crusoe, the young man who changed from enchantingly sweet to almost intimidating. Previously, many children's and living creatures' movies had significantly diminished the hazard until they became stupidly comedic.

With a budget of 40 million euros, the movie has good cast, nice Scots backdrops (and nice New Zealand backdrops that stand for Scots backdrops), authentic World War II era descriptions, and great visuals from Weta Workshop, who created Lord of the Rings that created a life-like creation that always seemed to be there.

One of the most famous composers of movie music, Jame Newton Howard, sponsored the film's most thrilling adventurous music, which encompassed theeltic framework and contained The Chieftain's as well as the customary orchestras. This results in a movie that can be enjoyed by any age, even parent and grandparent. This is achieved by working as the narrative of a little kid who misses his dad who went to battle, his mom and his twin sisters who know he's gone, but are afraid to tell the kid, the coming of the UK army to save the hole from penetration by submarines, and possible espionage and romance between two men who have an interest in the mother's widow.

This is much more background story and background than many other phantasy movies directed at family members who usually have stick characteristics and attitudes. In all this, which could have made a film itself with more script, a creation is thrown out of the ancient Celtic myth, a water horse, a kind of Loch Ness lake demon, which in the ancient myths is most often completely bad, human beings, mostly kids, are tempted to go riding on it, riding it and then drowns it.

The being is reared here from its birth on from an egg-whose the young Angus finds at the lake-shore and connects so with the young in a rare friendship. Here, the young is reared from its own time. Crusoe as a chick is sweet, frisky and inclined to get into problematic farces, which in the early part of the movie are comic.

It is a magic being, its speed of development is unusually rapid and soon it can no longer be concealed in the home (the lovely Ardkin Glass Home on the Scottish western coast). Etel Alex does a good job as Angus, a big part for a little kid. This movie is both thrilling and heart-warming and can be highly commended to anyone interested in this kind of fantastic-movie.

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