Waterproof Fly Sheets for Horses

A waterproof fly screen for horses

Comfitec Essential Combo leaflet. AMBO BUTTER leaflet. In autumn and winter, this cloth increases the life of your crossover and keeps the snow away from the waterproof blanket.

Leaflets - Insect & sun protection

Control your stallion this season with this light film. Its densely weaved exterior is a strong insect repellent, provides maximal ultraviolet light resistance (filter 70%+ ultraviolet rays) to avoid sun-bleached jackets, and the whiteness of the fabric will reflect the sun's radiation to help keep the warmth your horse's fur out.

Shoulder with satined lining, low cruciform belts, two breast belts, thigh belts, tailgate and gussets. Year round shelter is what you can ask for from this textile meshwoven flyscarf. The net block damaging ultraviolet radiation during the winter and winter seasons and is not heat-transmitting to keep your horses cold.

It keeps your horses fur away from soil and debris, and the fabric cares for your horse's fur in a natural way and shortens your brushwork. In autumn and winters, this cloth increases the service lifetime of your crossover and keeps the snows away from the waterproof cover.

Made in Surefit Cut with front button fastener for easy on and off, two crossover, removeable, flexible abdominal belts with 2" button and D's, removeable, flexible thigh belts and a contours-fitting. Manufactured from one of a kind, patent-pending, hard-wearing material that is extremely smooth, comfortably and provides ultraviolet light proof. With extra large tailgate, elbows, abdominal protector, V-front buckle, shoulder and hair liner, three flat belts and removeable neckband.

Jersey meshmaterial along the back is chilly and airy * Fleece at the back avoids friction and cockgate provides additional protection * Dual buckled chestbelts, crosswise spring and ring waist belts and thigh belts keep the scarf in place * Coloured pipings provide an elegant look and do not fit the Comfort Fit Lycra Fly Masks neckcovers.

Light, ultra-breathable fly cloth in Europe average. Keeps your stallion not only colder, but also provides good insect shelter. With pleats for more mobility and a cock. Sheets also feature an open front with dual 1" breast belts and holders, criss-cross abdominal belts, cushioned withers for men's protectors and removable stretch back thighs, all with snap fasteners and D's.

Experiments carried out jointly by Hungarian and Swedish schools have shown that the zebra's contrast striped areas of colour are much more resistant to braking (tabanid) than a homogeneous layer of color. Buzz Off Full End offers full cover for your torso, throat, and stomach. Provides 80% ultraviolet light and prevents sunburns and damages to the fur.

These crosswalk strips offer additional resistance to pests without the need for costly spray or chemical treatment. It' the way of Mother Earth to protect the eagle, and it also works for the homeopath!

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