Waterproof Horse Blanket

A waterproof horse blanket

F How do I impregnate my horse's blankets and how often do I have to reimpregnate them? We' ve got waterproof horse blankets & horse switches in a variety of styles, colors & patterns. Sturdy blankets are usually made of a non-waterproof, padded material that provides heat.

SmartPak's extensive selection of durable, waterproof turnout blankets for your horse or pony.

Breathable waterproof soft blankets - Schneider's

When living in an area of cool or humid conditions, your horse needs a dependable soft blanket to keep it hot and sober. Schneider offers one of the most spectacular ranges of waterproof, air-permeable horse rugs available on the Internet, complete with brand names such as StormShield®.

Most of our StormShield® soft covers have a Euro seat with vertical shoulders for maximal cover, a contours hindquarters and a flat slit over the back and toes. You come in your pick of outline collars, additional cover and tradional no backseam style, as well as a broad range of colours and trim.

To improve a better fitting, Schneider also supplies VTEK Wither Relief, Fitted V-Free or Cutback Neck covers. From the slanted shoulder of a crotchet horse to Morgan's straight car, these distinctive forms and style can meet the special needs of your horse. Schneider also sells hard-to-find size for minature and pony herds.

Schneider's Big Fella line comprises size 84 to 94 for all species of warm-blooded or draught horse, while the range of thumbature ponies comprises size 36 to 48 for smaller races. StormShield® even provides waterproof soft covers with variable front size that you can extend as your horse expands, if you're looking for a blanket for a new baby or an infant that you can carry as you grow.

Whatever horse you have, Schneider offers waterproof horse rugs from Dura-Tech and StormShield to keep you secure, snug and cosy in all weathers. Featuring fabrics that are three to five time more resistant to the elements than other makes and styles that do not scratch or put downward strain on your horse's stumps, these rugs are really some of the best you'll find.

Watertight, lightweight turnout covers - Schneider

Like people, sometimes a horse has to go outside when the wheather is not optimal. They are protected from cold temperature, slight rains, slight winds and other transition meteorological factors by a soft soft blanket. StormShield® quilts work like a sweater or windproof jacket for people and provide a waterproof insulating coating when the temperature changes.

Made of high quality materials thick enough to protect against the harsh environment, these rugs are still suitable for a horse. We have a range of sizes and colour combinations in store, so there is a light blanket to suit your horse in every way. Schneider has designed several types of soft ceilings for different types of horse and all weathers.

The VTEK® False Ended Rugs are for thoroughbred, warm-blooded and appendicitis with an erect shouldershape and a hind leg that stretches up to eight inch on the mahne. Low back edged horses like quarter horse and Arabian will probably like our V-Free horse rugs, which keep the mansun.

Every type of soft switch blade has a cushioned, pressure-free withers, a contours based customs fitting system, elongated gusset to maximise portability and other convenient functions. An assortment of navel fasteners offers you the option for easy handling or additional rainproofing. The VTEK horse switch covers are made of balistic polyamide, while the V-Free covers are made of rip-stop polyesters, both of which are extremely soft, breatheable and long-lasting.

Tekno® quilts have a maintenance-free pile layer for more heat, while Tekno-Dri quilts remove perspiration and damp. Built with either a 5-year or 10-year manufacturer's guarantee, our wind and waterproof, light horse rugs are the only ones with this guarantee in the game.

And we have the best value for soft covers that offer excellent longevity, fitting and horsepower.

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