Waterproof Horse Hood

A waterproof horse hood

Cuddly Hoods Soft weatherproof hood. Nine of the best stretched bonnets - a must-have wardrobe accessories They are very multifunctional and a must for every garden. It keeps your horse tidy, protects pigtails, gives gloss and protects our horses from the weather. These canopies are great if you want to keep your horse neat and tidy, keep carpets from rubbing off or if you want to keep a braided pipe safe.

The hood is perfect for preparing your horse for a show, neat and shining. It' also keeps your horse's manes tidy, the braids remain undamaged and the shine is maintained. Also protects your pigtails over night and protects your horse's heads from annoying stall spot.

Manufactured from the same materials and with the same look as most conventional LCRA bonnets, but these bonnets also have the advantage of being water-repellent. They are a big favorite with top show pros who use them not only to keep their braids neat the nights before a show, but also to train their manes to lay down even.

There' s the possibility of a zipper that extends from the jaw to the breast, but if you choose the zipless version, this hood is still light to put on and take off. Manufactured from high quality cotton with large eyes and ears, this hood is inexpensive yet robust and well made.

The hood is equipped with essays so that it fits well with the standard carpets of your horse's stables and/or switches. The hood is ideal to keep your horse or bangs tidy, to put the manes or to add heat to the back of the throat. Sturdy yet highly respiratory, showerproof, fully stretchable material, can also be used in the barn to avoid stubborn staining and to keep pigtails out of show.

The hood gives your horse additional cover and is really simple to put on and take off, even if your horse is head-shy.

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