Waterproof Rain Sheet for Horses

Rainproof tarpaulin for horses

Durable and lightweight waterproof outer cladding. Fully waterproof, a rain cloth protects all the hard work you have done to make your horse clean and shiny for competition. Rainbow Horse We' ve purchased four of them for our horses and we like them because they remain in place and are quite stable outside. The cloth is NOT waterproof. In less than 3 hrs my older filly was drenched to the ground when I went to her, she was trembling and miserable.

I bought a rug for my niece's Christmas present. Breight,tty, wash good colours remain light. Also we own Tough 1 Peacemaker 600D rug, which carries my mare, looks great after 3 years of use. If it rains now. I have a 78 on everything, but if I had known that the size was a little too big, I would have ordered him a 76 in a different look.

It' s also long (gets up to his knee and hocks), but I don't care as much as I thought, just because the abdominal straps are wrapping it around his stomach and the front panel allows it to move normally in the toes. All in all beautiful ceiling and I would definitely order it again, only in a smaller one.

Non-waterproof. The rain soaks within 30 min after stand in soft rain. I was very pleased with the buy of my new stallion. Since Trey is a 17.1 handed quarter/thoroughbred mare, he is taking a large 84' rug, so I was very lucky to find this rain cloth at such a fancy price and great one.

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When it rains on the show ground, a rain cover on the ring is perfect to keep your horses warm and warm while you are waiting for your riding group. Fully waterproof, a rain cloth protects all the heavy work you have done to make your stallion shine and shine for compete. Our top makes can be customized to give your horses a very personal look.

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