Waterproof Turnout Blankets for Horses

Turnout blankets for horses

We have waterproof horse blankets available in a variety of styles, colours and patterns so you can help your horse stay warm, stylish and fashionable. SmartPak has horse switches from light to heavy to cover all climatic zones. There are high neck turnouts, as well as several quarter turnouts, which are equipped with a little more space. You can choose between high neck, removable neck and normal neck covers. Since stable blankets are not waterproof, they should not be used on an unusual horse.

Watertight rugs

One: I am often asked this because customers are in good shape but have loose their hydrophobicity. Today, there are not many good sealing treatments that can repair the rejection of switches. Nevertheless, don't be too fast to discard your old voter turnout without researching your choices.

It is generally cheaper to handle the switch than to substitute it, given the value of a high value, efficient waterproof finish that can reach $25. It should take one year for a high-quality yearly waterproof procedure, so that you can basically withdraw a switch for several years and stillĀ savings.

Of what I see today, many of the newer switches do not have the same qualities and longevity as older switches. In the camp shop / hard-ware shop all therapies fail due to prolonged rains. A lot of sailing sessions also fail. It means very little to put on a shell. The majority of sea food requires a heater to enable it.

It is too hard for the normal equine user, and I do not suggest putting the switch in a tumble drier, as the diaphragm under the bowl that holds the moisture can shrink and be damaged. In addition, the domestic drier is too small and the rubber sheet overlaps and dries unevenly.

I recently conducted tests for a laboratory that has been developing a therapy that may soon be available to the population. It is a "Spray-and-Dry" based on ice cream and provides outstanding resistance to very sensitive peels. Sealing delicate materials, it can in most cases make a shell watertight that has never been waterproof before.

It is not, however, the default in my business for very particular reason. Unfortunately, I have not found a spraying and drying application that is available to the general population and that works for more than a few long hrs. That is why I worked with the laboratory to design the wax-based therapy.

There is something simple to use that works for the ordinary equestrian user. One good way to test a turnout rug for hydrophobicity is to find something that can simulate the course of a horses, such as a large round garbage can. Put the bin on its side in a wheel box and flatten the upper part of the bin with dark grey flat cardboard pouches so that you can see clear marks if the switch becomes leaky.

Centre the switch over the paperbag covering the top of the dustbin, then allow it to dry for 24-48 hours of wet. There are no stains on the bay papers if the crossover is waterproof. Mr. Mulgrew is the proprietor of Equine TLC Blanket Cleaning and Repair in Dickerson, Maryland.

As a long-time rider and trained sewer, she became interested in this line of work when she was confronted with her own rug repairs issues (equinetlccare.com).

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