Weatherbeeta Blankets

Wetterbeeta Blankets

Years of experience in the production of top quality horse blankets, boards and switches have made WeatherBeeta the world's leading horse brand. Northern America Ceilings are mainly used to protect the equine from different climatic and climatic influences. The best fitting, the best level of riding comforts and the best level of protective equipment for your equine are crucial for your safety. Choosing the right cover helps to keep your equine in good shape and to keep it at the right level of physical temper. The 5 major ceiling styles are available:

The use of a soft cover or cloth protects your horses from rough meteorological influences such as coldness, precipitation, wind as well as snows and keeps them hot andry. The different degrees of heat and shelter available in the soft blankets and you should consider the life and pasture condition of your horses, the outside temperatures, your clippings routines, the body mass, the aging and the training standard before buying a cover.

Clippered and house-bound ponies profit from a sturdy cover that provides extra comfort as they cannot move around free to produce their own personal energy during the cold esters. The use of light stall blankets can also be used to keep a horse, which lives mainly inside, tidy.

Netting prevents fly and mosquito irritation to the horse during the summers, when it spends more outdoor hours, so that it can unwind and soothe. They are indispensable for ponies with allergies to insects. Horse bred in warm conditions profit from a UV-protected leaf.

Featuring a high percentage of cottons, they are more natural to breathe to keep your horses out in the heat, and they also help keep the fur from bleaching and your horses free of moss. Usually made of woollen or non-woven material, radiators are used after training to control your horse's physical temperatures and to avoid it from falling too quickly when it cools down.

Beeta Blankets

WheatherBeeta Rugs, now a widely recognised and esteemed name for the best rugs, blankets, horse blankets, cool boxes, stall blankets or canine blankets. No wonder WeatherBeeta rugs are at the top. With over 25 years of designing with the best available technologies, and producing with the latest materials, straps and equipment, WeatherBeeta still earns worldwide recognition and commitment to its WeatherBeeta mats.

By using the most modern designs and high-quality material, WeatherBeeta has set the trend in equine rug designs right from the start. WeatherBeeta' s expertise, engineering and designs, in combination with its superior workmanship, have made it the world's premier equine clothing brandmen!

Wherever you are in the world, there is always a WeatherBeeta rug, a towel or a radiator for your horses or ponies. And not to speak of a suitable rug for your pet! It' in WeatherBeeta items! Next - discover the WeatherBeeta equestrian clothing ranges.

Discover why more equestrian riders use WeatherBeeta equestrian clothing than any other manufacturer!

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