Weatherbeeta Horse Blankets on Sale

Sale of Weatherbeeta horse blankets

Reflective parka dog coat with belly wrap. sell WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Premier Free Detach-a-Neck Heavy Turnout Blanket - WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Premier Free Detach-a-Neck Heavy Turnout. StemShield Contour Collar Classic Surcingle Turnout Blade, Dura-Tech VIKING Pony Print Turnout, Rambo Supreme. The Weatherbeeta covers have redefined the horse blanket market and changed the protection of horses from the weather.


Founded almost fourtyears ago, the WeatherBeeta trademark was created when three committed horse enthusiasts joined forces to create high-quality and cutting-edge horsewear. They imagined a permanent, comfy, and protecting horse rug that was better than the original one. WeatherBeeta' s foundation was the first man-made horse rug, and this pioneer work began to forever define horse blankets anew.

WeatherBeeta' s competence in designing has grown continuously from the first syntethic soft ceilings, which were developped years ago, to the present time. Meanwhile WeatherBeeta blankets, necklines and accessoires are available in more than 30 nationalities. Comprehensive research in the lab and in practice, combined with years of practical application know-how, flow into the development of every WeatherBeeta-ceiling.

The fabric is thoroughly checked for firmness, power and life before being selected for a rubber sheet desig. The Weather Beeta blankets are then produced under stringent production control, with computer-controlled tacking technology to ensure the highest seam-stength. Soft WeatherBeeta soft covers are equipped with upper materials of different denier and weave types that help to avoid or delimit cracks.

Available in selected blankets, the highest density is 1680 high performance balistic polyamide, which provides the ultimative power. The next step is for the freestyle blankets to come with at least 1200 deniers of three-ply binding as fitted as standard; a zig-zag design reinforces the material and assists in controlling and limiting cracks. Both the Genero and Geno collections have a 1200 deniers rip-stop material with crosshatched edges to check and delimit cracks.

Each upper used to make a WeatherBeeta soft cover is connected to a watertight and air-permeable diaphragm which, together with glued joints, forms a wall that keeps the panels away. It prevents drops of sweat and excessive humidity from escaping and evaporating quickly, keeping the inside of the blanke.

WeatherBeeta requires excellent sealing. Each of the brand's soft ceilings has either a Repel Shell or Teflon® finish that disperses drops of liquid and drains from the outside of the ceiling to avoid being saturated with rain or slush. They also work in conjunction with the air-permeable diaphragm that allows humidity to evaporate inside the ceiling.

Not only does WeatherBeeta have a wide range of horse blankets for switches and stables, but also flyers and flying equipment, cooling and recorders, saddles, dogs' cloaks and more. Buy the WeatherBeeta trademark today!

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