Weatherbeeta Horse Sheet

The Weatherbeeta horse leaf

Handkerchiefs protect your horse from biting flies, including bot flies. Buy Kensington, Professionals Choice & Weatherbeeta flyers with free shipping! Weatherbeeta Summer Lite Standard Neck UV Fly/Day Sheet for your horse this season! The rain cloth protects your horse and equipment, which is perfect for events!

Wiratherbeeta Flyers for Horse

Control your horse this season with this light film. Its densely weaved exterior is a strong insect repellent, provides maximal ultraviolet light resistance (filter 70%+ ultraviolet rays) to avoid sun-bleached jackets, and the whiteness of the fabric will reflect the sun's radiation to help keep the warmth your horse's fur out.

Shoulder with satined lining, low cruciform belts, two breast belts, thigh belts, tailgate and gussets.

The Weatherbeeta Summer Lite Standard Neck Ultraviolet Flies/Day Sheet

Weatherbeeta Summer Lite Standard Neck Ultraviolet Fly/Day Sheet for your horse this year! Made of 190g fabric, this highly absorbent cloth keeps you feeling cold and comfortably on. Sleek pantyhose liner eliminates friction on your horse's shoulder, while traditional-style gusset provides full freedom of motion for your horse. The full-wrapped tailgate provides extra safety, as the transverse belts and detachable thigh belts allow an individual-fitting.

This cloth is a multi-purpose companion for protection from the sundowners and the annoying bugs.

weather beta breeze combo cool neck ii ultraviolet flies/day paper

Featuring a multi-faceted styling, the Weatherbeeta Breeze Combo Cold Neck II is ideal for use at home or on the road! Made with a 270g poly cotton fabric, it helps keep your horse cleaner and provides additional shelter. The side parts made of woven fabric ensure a better ventilation in the entire cloth and provide a cold and pleasant feeling for your horse.

Detachable neckline offers flexibility, as the plain liner along the shoulder and the neckline help to avoid friction. Equipped with an retractable concealed strap and detachable thighs for a practical look with chill.

Intercompartmental WB CompFiTec Basic Canopy

NeatherBeeta Essential Regen Sheet offers excellent properties and shelf life. Regular neck-no-fill horse rug is perfect for protecting against rains and winds in hot climate zones. WeatherBeeta' s CompFiTec tarpaulin has classic pleats for good freedom of movement, two front buckles and low straps.

The raincover has a stock tailgate and 100% boa wool wither. To help you measure and dimension a ceiling, Mary's How To Fit Application Guide has the step-by-step information you need. These blankets are FREE from Mary's Tack & Feed!

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