Weatherbeeta Turnout Sheet

Watherbeeta switch slip

New Weatherbeeta switch slip found in: Comfitec Plus Dynamic High Neck Lite switch plate HUNTER/NAVY. Comfitec Plus Dynamic High Neck Lite switch plate. Horseware switch blades are available in all styles such as Rambo, Rhino, Amigo and Mio.

Made of Weatherbeeta switch plates on Schneider Sattlerei

The Rambo® Original Lite switch plate has been a permanent classical since 1985. This watertight soft cloth keeps your equine warm and warm. These non-slippery Euro-Schnittblech is suitable for most ponies. Put your stallion in the sheet that got it all began.

With its removable neckband, this watertight soft cloth from Amigo provides the best of both worlds, so that your horses are always wet when it rains. With all the classical characteristics and appearance of Amigo Bravo rugs, this watertight soft cloth is ideal for warm autumn and early autumn weathers.

With Weatherbeeta soft blanket on Schneider saddlery

Switch blades - horse clothing, manufacturer: Weather Beeta

Switch slip for a horseman is the counterpart to one of the blacks in a woman's closet. When you buy a new switch slip for your horses, ponies or draught horses, we have the paper you are looking for. We have a team of experts here to help you find the best fitting, best value and best work.

Horseware switch blades are available in all genres such as Rambo, Rhino, Amigo and Mio. Bucas, Horze and Weatherbeeta switch plates are available in different dimensions to match the draught ponies. For more information about switches and ceilings, please check out ours. The lightweight panels do not contain any filling and can be used as a layer to give the rider more heat indoors.

Combine it with a light to heavy stall rug and you have a hot stallion that can remain outside in almost any kind of weathers. It can also be used as a raincover in early summer or as a radiator in all seasons; the net liner is highly absorbent and allows surplus warmth to evaporate.

Combine it with an lrish knitted sheet and you have a breathing but watertight cool box. When selecting the right switch blade for your equine there are many different reasons to consider. Need a high neckerchief or a scarf with a detachable cowl? You have a wide collar and need a full neckline with front buckles?

You need a soft cloth with or without loops? Have you got a hard standing on the ceiling or a failed one with othersters? They are made of a watertight, highly resistant and highly absorbent material that is tear-resistant and a good choice.

When you have a bigger bangs, a Saxon soft cloth could be the best choice, because it has a short fall than other cover. When you are not sure which switch blade you need, please take a photo and a survey of your horses, and our specialist personnel can help you. Featuring different colours, designs and plaid, which are always in store, you will find the right switch blade that suits your horses and shows your own personal touch!

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