Weight of Horse Rugs

Horse blanket weight

Carpet Weights The Archie has 2 light weights, 2 middle weights (200g) and a PE-tribo, a 100g carpet with additional 100g and 200gliner. Usually it carries a light weight from mid-October (mainly to keep it clean) until it is completely cut out at the end of November when it goes into a 200g. He' s a little annoying, so let's keep it as late as possible so he only has to do it once a year. It doesn't necessarily need a complete video that' s all about his work, but it's gray and I really loathe it when the whitens go everywhere when it molts in early May.

He is also very hot horse and even with the full video is only in a 200g, so it works for both of us. It then goes to 100g in about March and a light weight when it's hotter. It has a 200g blanket which he only carries on the trailers at shows, a thick non-woven for traveling in winters and a sommer cloth for excursions, a Hi-Viz training paper and a non-woven training leaf.

Carpet Weights

Well, it is up to who you sometimes ask, but it works: Which carpet your horse needs will depend on how hot it is in general, how much grase/yay is available, whether there is hiding place in the fields, how much your stalls are out in the open, how fit he is, etc..

Anyone else on or near your farm you can ask? Usually we have a "What are you doing tonight" talk on the farm every evening, or "how chilly will it be". But I could generally have a lower carpet weight than most of the other guys because my filly is a very hot horse and keeps pretty hot.

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