Western Bitless Headstall

Headstall Western Bitless

Perfect for western breeds, reining, cutting, shows, pleasure and trail. Bridle without teeth with braided, brushed poly-head piece. Teethless bridles help put pressure on the noseband and not just a little bit.

Light Rider Western Bitless Bridle

Perfect for western races, reinning, cutting, shows, shows, fun and trails. 90 percent of the force is on the nostrils, and the horses chin strap can be loosened to eat, yawn, etc. It can also be used as a side pull by fitting the chin strap and chin strap ring together (recommended if your mare has never had a chin strap before).

Refer to the size guide to see how you can test your horses. There are no bridles in this pack as you can either select from the range of LightRider bridles available here or you already have bridles that you can use. It is recommended that you use scissors retainer rings for simple conversion to the guide ring, which allows for basic work/leading/lunging, or purchase LightRider reigns with matching reining rings.

Use the FREE e-mail photoconsultation to verify the size and shape of your horses within the 30-day time limit (from the date of receipt). If you or your stallion are not satisfied, you can give back your LRB ( "as new" state - please use a wet cloth) within 30 working nights after delivery.

The LightRider brides have a 12 months guarantee on production defects. I am very satisfied with the new Western harness. It' fit on my saddle, is comfortable, light to put on and looks good. All Lightrider bitless fences are friendly and efficient on my rides. Somewhat disappointing, since the rein in the photo on the construction site has a rein on the rein, then, when you inspect it to order, shows a different image, but does not come with it.

By the time I got them, there were no rein, so I now have to buy rein for the two rein I have purchased, which causes additional costs. The buyer must review the following descriptive text: "These reigns do not contain reigns, as they allow you to use your own reigns or to select from the LightRider reigns available here.

I' m very happy with this harness. I have a very good -looking and approachable mare! Loving my Lightrider Western Bridles and my mare. I' m very much struck by the workmanship of this bitless bit. Loving my new lightweight riding rein. Also I have Dr. Kochz├╝gel and like the lightweight riding rein much more. better in my horses with the lightweight riding Rein.

For my QH gelding I recently bought an Englishman fence from Cynthia (before I had ridden him in the roped rider). Now Leo is very approachable in this harness and has managed the rollerback! It is my pleasure to see the view of the bitten horsemen when I see them in the "camp" without showing a part.

LOOVE it! Well, I got my bridles a few nights ago. Before I go any further, I would like to say that I am very much struck by the workmanship of this harness! I' m in western music. I' ve had some trouble with my twoh with the bitless bridles. I' ve been trying to give him a beautiful, soft throat for some time now.

and I thought maybe that was just the response for Feather, and I. Allow me to make another comment about the reins. There were two other big, strong ponies that I put in my bridles, and they were great.

Maybe it's not made for every single one. I' d like to think about how they did it in your bridles................. I think we really enjoy this harness. Thank you again for making this beautiful harness for all of us.

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