Western Bits for Sale

Bits for sale

We have a wide range of Western bits to help you communicate effectively with your horse. Horse parts for sale. Hundreds of western horse parts in curb and snaffle form.

Western-style bits

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Indipendent Side Movement technique (ISM) allows each side of the dentures to move separately so that raising one side of the reins provides a clear and succinct message to the vault. Soft ferric acid oxidises (or rusts), is safe for the equine organism and stimulates saliva flow. - when you are sure that you are getting a qubit that has never been in the test drive programme..... call us at 800-321-2142 and we will gladly order it for you (special orders are not returnable).

Western-Horses Bits for sale

In the following you will find western horses for sale on eBay. You' ll find hundred of western bits in the form of curbs, bridles and gags. How is a "curb bit" different from a "snaffle bit"? Kerbstone chisels work from the lever effect and bridle chisels from a straight draw. Kerbstone chisels make it possible to attach the rein to the chisel in such a way that the driver is given a lever effect when tightening the rein.

The most common, but not always the rein is fixed to a shaft that runs down from the mouth piece of the mouth. The attachment of the rein to the underside of the shaft or in any other way that gives the horseman a lever effect when using the rein makes a little of a kerbbite.

A" bridle bit", on the other side, is a set of teeth in which the bridles are fixed in such a way that they are pulled directly at the jaw. When you found this page useful or interesting and want to create a hyperlink from your own website or your own blogs, you can use the small piece of coding below to create a hyperlink.

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