Western Bridle and Reins

Bridle and reins

A new Western leather bridle with reins. Rope IKNOTTED Rope AND BRIDLE et REINS WITH SNAP-HOOOK Western Bridle with Reins and more of Headstalls with Knotted Browbands. Purchase high quality western horse headpieces and reins online at the best price. There is a huge collection of leather and nylon headpieces and bridles. Bridle: used for American style western riding, this bridle usually has no noseband.

Cowhide and reins Western Knootted Brow

Situated in New Holland, PA, in the centre of the amiceland. Our after sales department is available from Monday to Friday from 9.00 - 18.00 and on Saturdays from 9.00 - 16.00. So if you are ever in the area, we would like to get to know you personally.

We' re looking forward to helping you and your Love the Ride horses!

Bridles, Headstalls - Western Reins - 4

Western-Horse Training Bridle w High Ported Cutting Bits & ReinsSOFT High Ported ReinsSOFT Crockery Headpiece w Messing Headpiece w..... The reins are thick and weighed down at the chisel ends and knock from 3/4" broad to 1/2" broad. Brandnew, braun, oiled belt made of genuine cowhide bridle and boot.

You can use it in the UK as well as in the West. Supplied with a pair of 23 feet of soft 23 feet long Nylons. It' like a chockamore or a bridle that works.... more about the internal nasal constriction. Supplied with a rawhite blue-green buckle and a pair of bows and rein.

Full kit at a reasonable cost! Regular shipments only to the lower 48 countries. For whatever reasons, I agree to receive the goods as long as they are sent back in the same as before. The buyer will pay for the goods to be shipped back and there will be up to 30% re-storage fees for the shipment.

WESTERN-HORSES TERN BRIDLE AND CHEST COLLARS KIT WITH BLOING ! Showman? headband made of twice sewn headband made of cowhide with bluestone. Headpiece with flowery headband and cheek, accentuated with barrels of bluestone and tail wheel concchos with bluestone. Headjoint comes with 5/8 "X7' splitting reins.

Caroline Track Super Pydark Oili Western Bridle & Reins Set with Stars Condos! A NEW NECK! These DOOR OLIVE Western bridle is sewn twice with stars on the headband and cheek. Contains the 5/8 " x 6' slit reins. This article is also available in SWL & GLIGHT oilider.

For a different colour or many other headstalls that we have with our full range of saddles & tacks, please visit our eBay shop*** POYMENTS We only accepts money through PAYPAL. Shippingdomestic Shipment We send FedEx and USPS for international countries like Alaska and Hawaii.

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Exchanging an article that is smaller than the initial article, the balance will be added as the same method of settlement, unless otherwise specified by the purchaser. ACCORDING TO US Carolina Tock Supply is an online company. Our saddles and accessories are available at reasonable rates.

Please visit us regularly, as we are adding new articles every week. Tremendous Western Headstall & Reins & Chest Neck Set Horse with Premium Handcrafted LEATHER with nice Carvings & Silver Rivets & Silver Finish Conchos Natural Leather - Color Dark Oil INTERNATIONAL Shippings TO OVER 200 CoordinatesLightning Almost Free Shipment is only for 48 US StateBe sure to put me on your Favourites Listing!

Look at my other articles! WEST NARK BAWN BRIDLE. These beautiful bridle contains the suitable 5/8 " broad and approx. 6 ft long reins! It is a headband headpiece with basketwork tool. Straps and Conchoes for attaching bits. It' really easy, but hot!

Pretty bridle for the lower show ring, daily or trailer rides. Look at my other articles! Please verify the following information for important facts regarding payments, shipment, combined shipment and return information. With Paypal you can pay quickly and securely.

You must pay within 7 working hours after the end of the sale or bid. When you buy several articles from me, the 7 day from the date of your last article are. In case the money does not arrive within this generously timeframe, I have to submit a non-payment claim via Ebay to refund my charges!

Shipment Information and Cost - US shipment is $8. 95 via USPS Priority Mail - Canada shipment is $14. 95 via USPS First Class and USPS First Class is $28. 95 via USPS First Class and USPS First Class. We ship all over the world! In the case of overseas dispatch, too, any delay or possible custom duties shall be borne solely by the purchaser.

I am more than lucky to be able to combine the shipment to reduce Cost! To take full benefit of my combination delivery charges, you will have to sit back and allow them all to finish before you pay. I' ll mix your bill and I' ll ship you a modified bill with your rebates. General rules I will use the following combination of shipping: basic shipment amount to the highest specified shipment amount of bought articles, then each extra article will only be $2.50 for US shoppers and $10.00 per article for Canada and overseas shoppers.

There are occasional exemptions for the combination shipment. I can' t send two saddles together with the combination tariff. These lists include the extra postage for large articles. Refunds and refunds will be considered within 30 workingdays from the receipt of your order. I' m trying very much to make extensive information about my articles available.

You must contact me within 30 working hours if you need to send an article back. Second-hand or "tried out" articles cannot be refunded! Review my other offers and browse my Ebay Store for new and used calipers, fences, chest collar, reins, seat cushions, show rugs, halter, bit, bangs, pony sized stacks, british equestrian equipment and SHOWMAN track accessories!

Listing your articles quickly and easily and managing your current articles. Tremendous Barn Pack Product Great Value & Accessible Priced Western Headstall & Reins & Chest Neck Set Horse with Premium Handcrafted LEATHER with nice Carving & Silver Rivets & Silver Plated Natural Leather Color: Dark BrownINTERNATIONAL Shippings TO OVER 200 Coordinates with Ebay Global Shipment PROGRAMLighting Near Free Shipment is only for 48 US StateBe sure to put me on your Favourites Listing!

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Showman Headjoint and Chest Neck Kit. It is made of deep brown oiled suede with a bordeaux coloured cover accentuated with rivets and crossed pattern. The chest is accentuated with perforated and knotted fringes of genuine cowhide. Head piece is supplied with 5/8" x 7' splitting reins. At Trudy's Totalworld we provide a large selection of high qualitiy Western Tacks at reasonable rates.

There is a wide range of riding equipment available, from the full range of Showman tacks and rides to Blue River, Circle S, Buffalo saddles. Our range includes tens of thousand of products, among them calipers, western showcaps, bridle, high-grade steels, halter, winters, sunblinds, spurs, stirrup and much more, to satisfy all your requirements for equine equipment.

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Goods Recovered A reimbursement of the total amount of the goods delivered as described (less postage and processing fees and a 15% re-storage fee) will be made out. The buyer is liable for the cost of returning the goods and for adequate packaging and insurance of the goods sent back, unless otherwise stipulated. Any EBAY returning must be made within 30 workingdays from receipt of the goods.

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Beautifull Showman® Patriotic Bridle and Chest Neck with Stars & Strips ! Bridles and chest collars with double sewn mid tan accent sewn lead with rivets and strass buttons redwhite and blues christal rhineston e-conchos - blaing! Heathstall comes with 5/8 " x 7' FITS THE AVERAGE SYIZED STRAPS - FITS THE Alder Guide Track STRAPS - RHED, White- & Bluestone & Stripes Stars and Stripe Printing with a... morelage carved Brass Brush Brass Button With Cristal Strass & Rivets Black, Clear, White AND Bluestone.

Suspender Adjust 7,5" to 9" These reins and the corresponding reins are wonderfully processed and well-groomed. Beautiful, smooth skin that is comfortable to hold. Therefore we do not accept returned goods, you know what you will get before you place a tender. We' ll sell biscuit tins, crockery, fiestas, glassware, vases, small old tools and many other horse-related collectors' items such as fences, dentures and nut and tack.

Shipment will be charged specifically for this article. Shipment only to the United States and Canada. This is a really beautiful western headjoint from MacPhearson genuine cowhide fabric. Rein and dentures. The headpiece fits on every common horses and is fully adjustably on the choice strap. Reins are 1/2 in. width and 66 in. long.

You go into the shop, there won't be a western headstand under $50. Reins would run the same and the bit would be at least $29.99. I will gladly combinate the dispatch for all my articles. You have to pay for all articles within 3 working hours after the end of the offer.

PLEASE LOOK AT MY OTHER ARTICLES! Leather Western THICK Bridle with Bling Headband ~*~ Stainless Steel Tom Thumb Bits ~*~ Hard Cord Cord Barrel Reins. Made to order TOP QUALITY leather headpiece is identified by a freedom dome which can be adjusted from 36" to 44" bits to bits with a 16-3/4" headband.

Double stitching and double stitching in high-grade hinges. The headband has jewelry in cowhide and a nice horseshoe pendant in the middle with a delicate necklace. Comes with a high-quality kerb necklace and 10' 7" corduroy reins. I' ll be combining the shipment for all won articles.

There' s no nail shop. I' LL SEND OUT IMMEDIATELY!

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